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Advent Calender

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Image of the Calendar

The Advent Calendar is a calendar that Zorg puts up for Christmas time every year since 2008. Each door is numbered with a day in December counting down to Christmas day, and the doors stay locked until that day in the month is reached. All items in the calendar are untradable and have a sellback value of 1 credit.


Health Items

A large part of the calendar consists of various health items. Several revive kits, small meds, large meds, first aid kits, can all be found in the Advent Calendar. The 2008 advent calendar introduced the health item Staff Candy, with a candy miniature of Deeg's head. 2009 continued this tradition by bringing back the Deeg Candy, and introducing the Lucas Candy. In 2009 one of the items was a Soylent Green, a very old health item that had been discontinued for a long time. Very few were left and it was considered to be the most valuable and rare item in the game. In 2010 the Pie candy was added to the game, there were also 2 Blue Pills.


One day will hold a single credit, reading the message "You open the door and find a single shiny credit inside!".
On the 24th day when you opened the door you got a christmas card. The message inside read: "Written by Zorg : Merry christmas from all the staff at Legacy!"

Christmas Day Suprise

The final door in December of 2008 contained 2000 ability points that would instantly stack with the players backlog, or create some if none was had. The same door in 2009 contained 4000 ability points that did the same thing. In 2010 the final door contained 200 tokens and a Zorg Doll. The level cap got removed on the same day.