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Vendetta Elite

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Attention: The information on this page might be out of date. See the the talk page for more information.

Vendetta Elite.jpg


  • Last Updated: January, 27th 2010 (by Gavrebel)
  • Leader:Cee4293
  • Clan Bank:21500c
  • Total Members:19
  • Average Level:69
  • Threads:30

Vendetta Elite's History

Gangsterz Version 1

Vendetta Elite (or VE)'s roots are deep. They stretch back all the way to Gangsterz Version 1, where dk16 (now staff on G2/Legacy) and his brother bongo created a clan called Vendeta Council. It was incorrectly spelt with one 't' in order to fit within the character limit for clan names. It started out with the two brothers recruiting mass amounts of newbie players. They were constantly flamed on the forums for this, in the beginning.

Eventually, the clan grew, and higher leveled and more well-known players started to join. Just like the new Vendetta Elite clan, everyone was active, and had a good time posting in the private forums.

When the game went down, some members of VC stayed in contact over MSN, but most slowly drifted away and became inactive. Dk16, bongo17, and Jkjace were the only three left.

Legacy/Gangsterz Version 2

In the Public Beta Testing, Vendetta Council was one of the first few clans created. This time it was spelt correctly. Koko, his brother jkjace, and bongo17 decided to make VC after getting sick of being in The Chapter. Koko was usually inactive for weeks, so he eventually gave up the clan to bongo17, who remained the leader for a long time.

The clan began to fall apart when bongo got deleted for invading dk16's privacy and continuously revealing staff secrets. The members, now without a leader, began leaving the clan. Seeing the clan crumbling down around him, VC was then closed by yogip.

Vendetta Elite is Formed

Frost, an active member of the old VC, couldn't find any other clan as good as VC. He missed the old VC, and he knew something had to be done. Frost reformed VC, and was joined by his two original Co-Leaders, Cee4293 and Chipmoney. This time he called it Vendetta Elite, instead. VE was born, and according to Frost, it turned out to be even better than VC. Today, VE is still, as always, one of the most active and highly reputable clans.

Note: *Currently being ran by Cee4293 due to Frost's inactivity*


Vendetta Elite currently has several activities to keep members active.

All of the games offered by VE include a large prizes. These include...

- Countdown

- Lottery

- Guess the Pic

- Arcade contests

- Hunting bounty

Bragging Rights!

- One of the most active clans (G2 related, life related, and spam!)

- Very large clan bank (If counting loans). Over 100-120k in loans/bank combined. (NOT counting the stolen 18k and smaller amounts from people who quit with loans on hand).

- Quite well known, one of the most well known clans in the game.

- Vendetta Elite kept their 'dignity' and never went crazy to make the top of the Top Ten Clans list.


- VE only accepts members over level 20. There can be exceptions if you're really active and post alot in the hive forums.

- Must be able to speak correctly. Perfect spelling and grammar isn't required though. As long as half the words aren't shortened you're fine. "hi cn i jon ur gng plz" for example is what won't get you in.

- Must be active in the forums.

- Must have a sense of humour :D

- VE doesn't force donations.


Below is the list of all the members of Vendetta Elite

I Cee yous bish (Leader)

Frost rarely impose himself as the leader making him very friendly with everyone.

  • Cee4293

    Shadow Prince (Co-Leader)

    Frost's most loyal members

  • Pimp
  • chipmoney
  • chos3n
  • Goaty

    Chancellors (Recruiter)

    Recruits new players, have a good sense of judgement when they are recruiting. So if you want to join, be good with these guys.

  • G4Lyfe
  • Jeremy

    Shadower (Bank Manager)

    Manage the debts, and sometime the donations

  • bongo17

    Assassin ( Rank 4)

    Ranks assigned the "Elite" members

  • CodeHydro
  • Kolgena
  • Tanktime
  • Vfe54
  • turdus
  • uglymug

    Ninja ( Rank 3)

    Rank Assigned when you showed major activeness

  • elad51

    Bandit ( Rank 2 )

    Rank assigned when you showed little activeness

  • Godbob
  • Hobbes
  • Ikuorai

    Thief ( Rank 1 )

    Rank assigned when you join

  • Jebus


    You can visit the VE forums here. Register an account to post. If for some reason you aren't allowed to register, well, then too bad. xD