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Basic Info

Outcasts 1323.JPGOutcasts 1323.JPGOutcasts 1323.JPGMustangs14546.jpgOutcasts 1323.JPGOutcasts 1323.JPGOutcasts 1323.JPG

Country - Latvia(Letland)[1]Chek the small video

Age - 21

Languages in which I can speak - Latvian, English, Russian

Languages which I am learning a bit - Tagalog, Spanish, German, Dutch

Places where I been - (I like to travel a lot) Latvia; Lithuania; Sweden; Germany; Netherlands; Belgium; USA, Miami, New York, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Galveston; Mexico; Cayman Islands, Honduras; Belize; Bahamas;.....more coming soon

Gang - Outcasts

Rank - Mercenary (9)

Account age - 3 years 329 days

Achievement score - 285

Votes for game - 6232

Wins - 31,344

Highest recorded hit - 158

Best win score in week - 2484

Best win score in day - 359

About me - In my free time I love go to gym with my boys, I had few years of Kick-boxing training at fight club little bit of karate, thai-boxing too, but last few years I don't have time for club (I do some training at home) Love Rap music...And Legacy for last 4 years....Love this game.

Mustang sharacter.JPG

Outcasts 1323.JPGFREEDOM346.jpgOutcasts 1323.JPG

West Coast Gang

I am runing this clan more than 3 years, It is Outcast only clan, West Coast is one of the biggest Outcast Avatar fund donater

Clan Bank- 207 803c

Members- 64

Total lvl- 2384

West coast gang.JPG



It's me


This is my crappy PC


It's me