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G-Code is used in many places like in fourms, and in game messages. Gcode.PNG here is a list of the codes and an example:

List Item 2
Input Output
Standard G-Code:
[b]Bold Text[/b] Bold Text
[u]Underlined Text[/u] Underlined Text
[i]Italic Text[/i] Italic Text
[s]Strikeout Text[/s] Strikeout Text
[sup]Superscript[/sup] Superscript
[sub]Subscript[/sub] Subscript
Only availiable in forums and messages:
[url=]server[/url] server
[]mail me[/email] mail me
[img]IMAGEURL[/img] (image will appear here)
Only availiable in gang library books and forum signatures:
[darktext]Dark Text[/darktext] Dark Text
[colortext]Color Text[/colortext] Accent color in template settings Text
[tc]Chapter Text[/tc] Chapter Text
[df]Dark Flame Text[/df] Dark Flame Text
[bod]Blade of Dawn Text[/bod] Blade Of Dawn Text
[oc]Outcasts Text[/oc] Outcasts Text
[align=right]Right Align[/align] Right Align
[align=center]Center Align[/align] Center Align
[align=left]Left Align[/align] Left Align
[img align=<align>]image url[/img] (image will appear here

aligned left, right or center)