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Titles are a way of showcasing your achievements in legacy, both on your player profile and beneath your chathead in the forums.

Some are unobtainable for the normal player, but these can be viewed here for your enjoyment.

The numbers to the left are internal data that may help in narrowing down potential missing achievements, but also show us how the creation of the Titles has progressed. Due to the way it's setup, order cannot be changed and when a title is deleted, it's spot on the list can no longer be refilled.

You can change your title under settings in 'Member Profile'

1 Project Founder
Be Zorg, the founder of Legacy
2 HCS Staff
Be a member of Hunted Cow Studios Staff
3 Game Coder
Be a Game Coder
4 Lead Volunteer Helper
Be the head of Legacy's Volunteer Player Staff
5 Lead Community Admin
Be the Lead Community Admin
6 Volunteer Helper
Be a Volunteer Player Staff
7 Forum Moderator
Be a Moderator of the Public Forums
8 Player Guide
Be a Player Guide
9 Contributing Artist
Massively contribute to Legacy's in game art
10 Game Breaker
Have code access
11 Discord Admin
Be Administrator of an unofficial Legacy Discord Channel
12 Tinkerer
Have at least 1875 Crafting xp
13 Forge Student
Have at least 7875 Crafting XP
14 Forge Apprentice
Have at least 31875 Crafting XP
15 Forge Master
Have at least 127875 Crafting XP
16 Newbie
Account exists / soon to be updated to level 5
17 Veteran
Account age 1825 days old (5 Years)
18 Wise
Account age 3650 days old (10 Years)
19 Ancient
Account age 5475 days old (15 Years)
20 Verified
Verified account via the Confirmation Email
21 Fighter
Level 20
22 Warrior
Level 50
23 Avatar
Ascend to Avatar at level 80 and shake the Hive
24 Greater Avatar
Ascend even further, setting the sky ablaze at Level 100
25 Ruthless
500 Kills
26 Merciless
2000 Kills
27 Reaper
10,000 Kills
28 Grim Reaper
100,000 Kills
29 Death Incarnate
250,000 Kills
30 Punching Bag
500 Losses
31 Masochist
20,000 Losses
32 Cursed
75,000 Losses
33 Foreman
Max X-Corp Mining
34 Sector Manager
Max Post-Office
35 Master Hacker
Max Hacking
36 Metallurgist
Max Crystal Mining
37 Top Secret Dev Researcher
Max Research Lab
38 Quadrant Overseer
Max Exploration
39 Head of Astrology
Max Observatory
40 Master of all Trades
Max All Jobs
41 Forum Enthusiast
5,000 Forum Posts
42 Forum Spammer
10,000 Forum Posts
43 Elder
Be An Elder
44 Gang Leadership
Be Rank 11+ in any Gang
45 Gang Council
Be in the Council Member
46 Gang Leader
Be the Leader of a Gang
47 Voter
Vote 2,000 times
48 Loyal Voter
Vote 6,000 times
49 Compulsive Voter
Vote 10,000 times
50 Old World Subscriber
Purchased a Permanent Account with the old Subscription system (Before Platinum)
51 Spendthrift
Buy Plat with cash
52 Popular
50 Referrals
53 Famous
100 Referrals
54 Gambler
Earn 25,000 tokens over time
55 Compulsive Gambler
Earn 500,000 tokens over time
56 Wasteland Addict
Earn 100,000 WFP over time
57 Wasteland Freak
Earn 250,000 WFP over time
58 Wasteland God
Earn 500,000 WFP over time
59 T H I C C
Bongo only title
60 Accounts Admin
Be the Accounts Admin
61 Observer
Complete the Observe Event
62 Community Wiki Admin
Be the Community Wiki Admin
63 Community Clans Admin
Be the Community Clans Admin
64 Podcaster
Be part of Legacy's Official Podcast
65 but My Name's Jeff
Aldo only title
66 Wiki SysOp
Be a Wiki SysOp
67 Steam Group Admin
Be the Legacy Steam group Admin
68 The First Observer
Be the first to complete the Observer Quest
69 Burned Out
Aldo only title
70 World Record Breaker
Participated in the first sub-minute completion of The Ritual
Title no longer exists
Title no longer exists
73 Community Clan Admin
Be a Community/Clan Admin
74 Ruiner of Hopes and Dreams
Aldo only title
75 Community Admin
Be a Community Admin
76 Lead Content Designer
Meepers only title
77 Enlightened Avatar
Ascend even further, ripping apart reality at Level 120
Title no longer exists
79 The No Lifer
Exclusive to k3nny for reaching lvl 120 - "How do you kill that which has no life?"
80 Exalted Avatar
Reach Level 110
81 Veteran Avatar
Reach Level 90
82 Death Defying
100,000 Losses
83 Joe Bezos
Exclusive to JoeBloggs