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Phantom Items

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Phantom items were added around the time the Shadow Facility was. Based off of Spectral Items, these items are more powerful then your usual equipment. They even come with random abilities from motivational comments while fighting, to ignoring fatigue when you kill someone in the wasteland. The downside to these items is they expire and are removed from your inventory after 15 to 45 minutes.


Whenever the Phantom Items are released into the Hive, they will be randomly distributed among those who choose to participate in the event, favoring more active players.
You may opt-out of receiving these items when they are randomly distributed, by going to Game Settings -> Phantom Event Participation.

If you aren't lucky enough to be given the item when they are released you can claim one through PVP.
When you kill someone, either in the hive or in the wasteland you will acquire one of the phantom items they have in their inventory or equipped.

It can be hard to tell who has the items, the best way is to use a targeting module. It costs 1 trade to list every player with a phantom item, the item they have, where in the hive/wasteland they are and the % of time the item has remaining.

Stat Table


Name Type Rarity Level Dmg Acc Spd Total Points D.Skill M.Skill G.Skill P.Skill
Artifact axe.png Artifact Axe Melee Phantom 80 60-150 34 34 10 27
Volt whip.png Volt Whip Melee Phantom 80 35-55 120 120 240 40 60
Infinite void bow.png Infinite Void Bow Projectile Phantom 80 80-125 85 100 185 150 200
Shard of destruction.png Shard of Destruction Melee Phantom 80 110-140 40 500 540 40 60
Phantom toothbrush.png Phantom Toothbrush Melee Phantom 80 100-150 50 500 550 50 50


Name Rarity Level Armor Dodge Spd Total Points D.Skill M.Skill G.Skill P.Skill
Phantom armor.png Phantom Armor Phantom 80 45 85 350 480 65
Infinite legion armor.png Infinite Legion Armor Phantom 80 30 130 65 225 150

Misc Items

Name Rarity Level Armor Acc Dodge Spd Total Points D.Skill M.Skill G.Skill P.Skill
Forgotten amulet.png Forgotten Amulet Phantom 80 50 50 500 600 50

Stats and Pictures

Phantom armor info.png

Axe info.png

Shard info.png

V bow info.png

Infinite dark legion info.png

Volt whip info.png

Toothbrush info.png

Forgotten amulet info.png