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This page is the continuation of a competition run on Legacy for the best photograph, you may post addition pictures here if you wish.

The rules for a photo to be posted here are:

  • It must not be photoshopped in any way.
  • It must be your account name in some form.
  • It must contain "" written on something.

You may add as many photos as you want to this page as long as they are all original in some way.

Stop hand.png

Anyone is free to upload an image to this gallery. However be warned, images that contain: swearing, nudity, racism or questionable material you will find the image removed.
If you have a question make a ticket on Legacy.

25th February 2009:

Sparky05 pic.jpg

Competition : 1st Place

JackalPup pic.jpg

Competition : 2nd Place (Joint)

Desertlady pic.png

Competition : 2nd Place (Joint)

MissTHC420 pic.jpg

Competition : 3rd Place (Joint)

BigDaddy pic.jpg

Competition : 3rd Place (Joint)

Aaron pic.jpg
Rod pic.jpg
Albel pic.jpg
Cartoon pic.jpg
Bouchie pic.jpg
Calciomoti pic.jpg
Bcfcespley pic.jpg
Marley pic.jpg
Mustangs pic.jpg
Thanatos pic.gif
Alfonzo pic.png
Zorg pic.jpg
This user changed their name to Scott
Whittled Y.JPG


1st July 2010:

Faelust pic.jpg

Competition : 1st Place

Thanatos(2) pic.jpg

Competition : 2nd Place

Maurice pic.jpg

Competition : 3rd Place

Soap pic.jpg
Pie pic.jpg
Matty pic.jpg
BladezG2 pic.jpg
Kukker pic.jpg
This user changed their name to Sakura
Bcfcespley pic.png