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LegCon 4 - Points Raised

This is the 4th LegCon, the first being a little over a year ago! So much has been changed in the past year and the amount of feedback we get it's just awesome - so a thank you from the Legacy Staff Team to all our loyal players that stick with us in the mud and when it's clear! :)

- Dark Flame Point: Gang Logos:
Jobu addressed a point we asked for a while back about gang logo's being redesigned - however it was felt that the current designs where fine and TC's may be redesigned but all logos are being redrawn to make them HD (High Definition).

- Dark Flame Point: Fight System:
Is still being re-designed and it will require a person to stay on one page instead of moving page to page to battle. This point is being made a priority.

- Dark Flame Point: New Items:
Items like the Focus Pill etc... Are still being looked at and more information will be givena later date when we can fit them in or if they're still needed after the abilities update.

- The Chapter Point: Spectral Items:
Last LegCon we said we will bring them back for holidays, we kept putting back the dates as we didn't think they're appropriate for events with a set theme. DMaster is looking at dates and possible times we can set spectrals loose for a week (Not all at once), so a week event every few months or so.

- The Chapter Point: Hunting Drops:
Weirdly this was brought up and it was requested that we reverse one update and put items back into wasteland, this idea was shot down for the simple fact the market is stabilizing and people are hunting for them and it's working better than spending WF points on them

- Outcasts Point: Confirmation Screens:
It would appear people mis-clicking in contests has become a regular occurrence and it has been requested a confirmation screen be added so people do not waste credits on contests. We have agreed but we call shenanigans we think people click then run out of fear! :o

- Outcasts Point: Clan Spots:
It was raised that there are too many "official" Legacy Clans for Guides & Mods. We can't really do much but edit some into a forum - Scott has taken this point and has begone downsizing some departments and merging some clans.

- Elder/Rogue Point: Rewarding WL Performance
This idea could "snowball" meaning if the winning gang gets an advantage we don't want to ruin game play by the same gang getting the same advantage in the end.

- Blade of Dawn Point: Suggestion Forums:
It was raised about Suggestion Forum and the whole process being risky, most players would like the forum to be closed or blocked for a length of time. We're still looking at this and will provide feedback to you a.s.a.p, some of the ideas where to delete the forum or replace it with another then use LegCon as the sole way to put ideas across.

- Blade of Dawn Point: Expo Removal:
It was asked that a gang can clear expo ONLY when controlling a certain object, this was shot down due to the fact it would become unfair and impossible for other gangs.

Level 90+
As Below with the Item Upgrade we're looking at adding more NPC's and weapon upgrades to help level 90's become better within Legacy however we must stress that we do not want to force people into thinking they have to level past 80.

Item Tier Upgrade
It's in the planning process that Items/some items will be given a tier opening up the option to upgrade them or re-do stats on them, this will enable more avatar tools to edit items and better themselves.

A lot of players are 100% trained and a backlog situation has been issued meaning you will remain to get ability points whilst we update Abilities and add more to the list!

Item Re-arranging
Items will be soon re-arranged to make things more logical for example: a Rocket Launcher being better than a Taser... We can't add anymore info because well... we're just re-arranging items.

Subtime Changes
Current subscription is being SCRAPPED, it is viewed as unfair on the players buying it and the benefits you get in-game, a new system will take it's place in the future all current subscribers will have their sub changed into this new currency. The new currency will open up new doors, you will be able to buy clothes in-game, even bid for clothing items, add permanent and temporary effects to your accounts (Friends list etc..), we're still working on this idea so you will find more information on this in the future! On the note of Clothing with this update Hue changes to clothing will be removed and holiday clothing deemed "holiday only" will not be available out of it's designated release dates.

New WF Map
There is going to be a 5th Wasteland map! Zorg has stated that HQ's will be movable with equal starting positions and objectives have yet to be decided. There are thoughts of a day/night period for this warfare and possible moving NPC's that may revolutionize that section of Legacy. NPC's will be "hostile" at night and attack players and will be somewhat tame in the daytime (Due to rise in traffic accessing the wasteland).

Staff Manager/Investigations
Before this event people had the option of filing a complaint to either Legacy Affairs OR the Staff Manager, Scott has edited the complaint/report process now so that ALL complaints and reports against staff or a sub section of staff go through LA - Meaning a ticket will be sent, it will go to LA then a join investigation will be held between the LA Officer and Scott, the end result however lies with Scott and all parties will be informed of the progress of the ticket, when the issue is resolved a disclaimer will be sent out to all parties noting that all information is confidential and will be treated as such.

DEV server
DEV access will be removed from all players soon, we will re-open DEV at every update for testing then close it again after testing is finished. It may be reset every time we're still putting the final details into place however it will remain Avatar Only. Staff will still be able to access it full-time however.