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Legacy Trivia

Here is a compilation of funny and interesting stuff found around Legacy

Nippon ^_____^
  • zerash is very mysterious- so much so that nobody yet has come up with any trivia for him.
  • Neltharion's original character design was based on Olga Flow.
  • Steve can lick his nose.
  • Steve loves Legacy Wiki.
  • Steve has been to twenty nine countries.
  • Fiction was the forum admin in G2 version one.
  • Then in G2v2 before it was renamed Legacy Fiction Became Accounts Admin then moving to Marketing Admin.
  • Fiction loves Traveling. He goes somewhere new every year.
  • Fiction's Hobbies include Disk Golf, Soccer, Procrastination, Reading, Hanging Out At The Coffee Shop, Movies, Concerts, Skating,
  • There's also Fiction's gaming team, Team Binary, They get broadcast on for some of There matches so feel free to come watch. Their current game of choice is COD4
  • Fiction hates the negative use of the English language, e.g. "LOL"
  • Fiction is a film guru.
  • dk16 loves anime.
  • DMaster's favourite band is Muse.
  • DMaster's favourite actor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • DMaster's ream girlfriend is Emma Watson.
  • DMaster can vibrate his eyes.
  • Pascal's favorite number is 24.
  • Pascal loves red heads.
  • Pascal's perfect breast cup size is B2.
  • Pascal is dutch but has no orange clothes.
  • Scott loves deadmau5.
  • Scott makes bass his heartbeat when he raves.
  • The history of Nippon dates back to a time when the game had an IRC-based chatroom. The chat admin, Mehean, was working on a chatbot one day, programming it to say different phrases when someone typed certain words. When someone in the chat said the words "Nippon", "Kawaii" (kawaii means cute in Japanese), or "Japan", the chatbot would automatically respond with the phrase "OMG Kawaii LOL Nippon ^________^". This phrase was continuously recited among the more active players for a while to come.
  • On Valentine's Day 2011, Legacy got a new friend all the way from Mars. Found in Pascal's Character Design: Lil' Scott! LilscottVDay.png
  • The WTF Mode from map 10 to 11 featured Zorg's house as neutral square in the middle. Zorgs House.png
  • The Ghetto.gif smilie was requested to be made by Scott based on a scene from Family Guy.