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A popularly used name on Legacy. It translates to "Japan".

The history of this name dates back to a time when the game had an IRC-based chatroom. The chat admin, Mehean, was working on a chatbot one day, programming it to say different phrases when someone typed certain words. When someone in the chat said the words "Nippon", "Kawaii" (kawaii means cute in Japanese), or "Japan", the chatbot would automatically respond with the phrase "OMG Kawaii LOL Nippon ^________^". This phrase was continously recited among the more active players for a while to come.

Much later, Zorg posted an image on the forums of a hamster in a exercise wheel. He started a joke saying that this hamster was powering his server. The hamster was first given the name 'Nippon' by Deeg. This name instantly stuck.


The death of the thread occurred when Zorg decided that the Elite Forum was full of nothing but spam and removed it. The legend of Nippon, however, lives on. Nippon himself used to be seen sitting on PaulTech's shoulder in the Staff List!


Nippon can now sometimes be seen in the rat races where he has the best odds of winning.