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The Legacy Staff Clan

The Staff control most aspects of what goes on in Legacy. A secret clan, nobody truly knows how many Staff there are. When trying to gain access to the Staff's Headquarters, you recieve this message.

Hiring Process

Most staff are hired when the Staff Manager (Currently Will) calls for staff applications in the Main Forum. Anyone can apply for staff positions until the deadline posted by the staff managers.

Original Staff Teams

Staff Team Gangsterz2 Version 1
Zorg had a dedicated team of staff during version 1 of G2. There was also a team of Police, who were effectively Moderators around the game.

  • Zorg (Creator)
  • Jessica (Server Admin)
  • Steve (Staff Admin)
  • Seifer (Clan Admin)
  • CodeHydro (Forum Moderator, then promoted to PR Admin)
  • Fiction (Forum Admin)
  • Gbadude (Forum Moderator)
  • Tonda337 (Accounts Officer, Now known as Zephr)
  • Idiocide (Accounts Officer)

Staff Team Gangsterz2 Version 2
When the game came back online in 2005, members of the private beta were offered the chance to apply to become Staff Members when the game was released to the public a few weeks after.
The original Staff Team of Gangsterz2 - Version 2 comprised of:

  • Zorg (Creator)
  • Mehean (Chat Admin)
  • PaulTech (Server Owner)
  • Dk16 (Graphics Admin)
  • SuperCLG (Clan Admin)
  • Nicto10 (Forum Admin)

Player Staff

Player Staff was created by Zorg in Jan '09. It was for players that had the ability to continue playing but have staff access to a department and player guide access to the ticket system. The first two to be hired as Player Staff were bcfcespley (Graphics Admin) and Scott (Wiki Admin). People attacked Player Staff as an excuse for it being "unfair on staff that gave up the right to continue playing". Scott was promoted to hidden staff in May '09, leaving bcfcespley as the only Player Staff left. On 21st July '09 Zorg decided that he didn't want any Player Staff in the game and as such, bcfcespley was offered an ultimatum. He could either choose to become full time staff, or become a player again, with no Staff powers at all. bcfcespley chose the latter. Others say he was fired, but without proof neither of these can be accepted as truth or false.

As of Jan 5th '17 player staff were reintroduced into Legacy again, applications were opened by Will to the public in order to hire players to join the staff team as a player staff.

Staff List

These tables show staff (Historic and Current) whether they are still on the staff team, and various facts about their work on Legacy.


Hunted Cow Studios - Project Founder

Zorg is the founder of Legacy. He controls all updates and bug fixes along side Will on Legacy.

Click here to see his page on Legacy Wiki


Hunted Cow Studios - Company Director

Hoofmaster 'Master of the Hoofs' is the programmer behind Gothador and the massively multiplayer RPG FallenSword. He is the Company Director for HCS (Hunted Cow Studios).

Click here to see his page on Legacy Wiki

BigGrim Staff.png

Hunted Cow Studios - Content Designer

BigGrim is a content designer for Hunted Cow Studios. He works along side Zorg producing new releases for Legacy.

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AkuTenshi staff.gif

Lead Helper

Will is the Lead Helper of Legacy. He took up this position Jan '17. He works along side Zorg with most things in and around Legacy. He is in charge of many things, the primary thing being the Volunteer Helpers. He does what he can to ensure things run smoothly around Legacy and the Wiki.

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Aldo staff.gif

Voluntary Developer

Aldo helps Zorg with various updates and the release of new content.

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Wolf staff.jpg

Lead Community Admin

Wolf was promoted from Community Admin as of May '18 and took the role of Lead Community Admin. He ensures the forums and side chat are in order and nobody gets out of line. He is in charge of the other Community Admins of the game. He is also the Staff Rep for Dark Flame.

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Fattony staff.png

Accounts Admin

FatTony is the current Accounts Admin on Legacy. He deals with any game violations to do with accounts, This includes anything but not limited to multi's to general account issues. He is also the Staff Rep for Blade of Dawn.

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Staff NONE.jpg

Game Coder

Lynx helps Zorg with various updates and the release of new content.

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Staff NONE.jpg

Game Coder

Bongo helps Zorg with various updates and the release of new content.

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Staff NONE.jpg

Game Coder

Rollin340 helps Zorg with various updates and the release of new content.

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Connor staff picture.jpg

Community Wiki Admin

Connor is in charge of keeping the forums and side chat in order. Also any wiki related problems you may find can be reported to him. He is in charge of the Guides of the game, He is also the Staff Rep for The Chapter.

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Ex-Staff List

Ex-Staff (Private Beta - 2010)
Name Position Joined Left
Mehean Chat Admin Private Beta  ???
SuperCLG Clan Admin Private Beta  ???
Nicto10 Forum Admin Private Beta Jan '06
Doddsyboi Clan Admin  ???  ???
Doddsyboi PR Admin  ???  ???
Racefan Accounts Admin  ???  ???
Reloaded Graphics Admin  ???  ???
Voght Accounts Admin and Library Admin End of '05 July '06
Hostile Accounts Admin and Library Admin Early '06 May '06
Rorixblade Accounts Admin Early '06 Aug '06
Pimp Player Relations Admin May '06 Aug '06
carpo Asst. Clan Admin May '06 Aug '06
Sk8erMJ88 Police Chief Private Beta  ???
xJoewhitex Player Relations Admin May '06 Nov '06
Jkjace Staff Manager  ??? Oct '06
NaziHalo Wiki Admin Jul '06 April '07
Rip0r Market Admin April '07 Sept '07
Destiny Clan Admin Jan '07 May '08
Chos3n Graphics Admin Nov '06 May '08
base Account Admin Dec '06 Jun '08
PaulTech Server Admin Private Beta Aug '08
Tsukasa Graphics Admin Nov'07 Sep'08
Pie Accounts Admin Sept '08 May'09
bcfcespley Graphics Admin (Player Staff) Jan '09 July '09
Vader Forum/Library Admin May '06 July '09
Nitrous Market Admin May '07 Aug '09
Shade Accounts Admin Jul '09 Aug '09
DMaster Accounts Admin Jul '09 Aug '09
Doddsyboi Community Admin Oct '08 Aug '09
Guilt Community Admin Oct '09 Dec '09
OSU871316 Clan Admin Oct '06 April'10
Steve Community Admin Jan'08 April'10
DSniper Accounts Admin May '08 April'10
Falcon Market Admin Jan'10 April'10
Warum Accounts Admin Feb'10 May'10
bouchie Accounts Admin Oct'09 Jun'10
Lucas Staff Manager  ??? July'10
Deeg Staff Manager Early '06 July'10
zerash Server Manager Private Beta July'10
Angel Market Admin July'10 August'10
Ex-Staff (2010 - Current)
Name Position Joined Left
Kevman Community Admin July'10 Jan'11
Pie Staff Manager August'09 Feb'11
Lucas Accounts Admin March'11 May'11
Macey Community Admin July '09 Jul'11
Fiction Community Admin May '06 Aug'11
Mohith Community Admin Mar '11 Oct '11
Shade Community Admin Jul '10 Oct '11
Pascal Wiki Admin Jul '10 Oct '11
DMaster Projects Manager Feb '10 Oct '11
Aldo Game Developer Aug '11 Oct '11
Neltharion Clan Admin Jul '10 Dec '11
Macey Game Developer Aug '11 Jan '12
Mohith Community Admin Feb '12 Mar '12
Altair Clan Admin Jul '12 Aug '12
Kari Clan Support Oct '12 Nov '12
Warum Community Support Jun '12 Feb '13
Josh Community & Wiki Support Oct '12 Aug '13
Brad Accounts & Clans Mar '13 Oct '13
Stephan Accounts & Clans Sept'13 Dec'13
Taylor Accounts & Clans Dec'13 Mar'14
Jess Accounts & Clans Feb'14 May'14
dk16 Gfx Admin Private Beta Aug'10/11
Michelle Clan Admin Sept '13 June '15
Zach Accounts Admin May '15 Feb '16
Will Community & Wiki Admin Sept '11 Jun '16
Scott Staff Manager May '09 Jan '17
Wolf Clans Admin July 16 Jan '17
Raiden Clans Admin Feb '17 May '18
Neltharion Community Admin Feb '17 May '18
Matt Community Clan Admin Jun '18 Jan '19


The information above excludes any currently invisible Legacy Staff Members.