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Josh.png Gang Blade of Dawn Gang Rank Samurai (5)
Past Gang Ranks Rank 11 & Rank 12 Level 63
Personal Name Gender DoB Location
Josh Male Aug. 20 United States

Legacy Information

Throughout my time in Legacy I have only held one account and have stayed in Blade of Dawn where I have held a few leadership ranks within the gang. On August 28th, 2012 I was hired onto the staff team by Scott where I was invisible staff. On October 7th, 2012 I was made visible and I currently work with Clans as Clan Support and assist Will with the Wiki as Wiki Support. After a while of working with Clans I was given a promotion to assist Will with the Community as Community Support while still doing my part with the Wiki. However, it all came to an end on August 2013 due to things becoming hectic and being unable to keep up with the activity requirements and commitments that were needed. I was around legacy off and on for the next two years and finally made a dedicated return around October 2015 and I'm currently fully active with the Blade of Dawn.

Past Gang Ranks:

  • Sensei - Stepped down due to real life reasons, 2/2/12
  • Master Sensei - Stepped down due to certain circumstances, 8/26/12

Special Achievements:

  • Achieved Sensei: 18 September 2011 8:01am - by Lisit
  • First +4 Favor: 15 December 2011 2:18pm - by Scott
  • Master Sensei: 19 March 2012 - by DBall13
  • Avatar: 9 May 2012
  • Staff: 21 October 2012 - August 2013 - Hired by Scott


  • Sensei - Achieved
  • Imperial Court - Unachieved
  • Master Sensei - Achieved
  • Sword Master - Unachieved
  • Staff - Achieved
  • Wiki SysOp - Achieved
  • Guide - Unachieved
  • Moderator - Unachieved

Character Designs

Dante1.gif Josh.gif Josh2.gif Joshp.gif Josh.png


Level banner80.png - Got their character to level 80 and became an Avatar!. (Before staff)

Cow banner.png - Played before the merge in to Hunted Cow Studios!

Hcs banner.png - Merged from an original Legacy Account.

7year banner.png - Stood with us during the 7 year anniversary of the game.

8year banner.png - Stood with us during the 8 year anniversary of the game.

Silver banner.png - Awarded a Silver banner for helping Legacy Staff.

Level banner.png - Achieved ranking among the Top 10 most experience gained.

Kills banner.png - Decimated the hive, reaching the Top 10 highest wins.

Hunt banner.png - Has been ranked among the Top 10 best hunters.

Token banner.png - Has netted the Top 10 highest tokens earned.

Hunting1 banner.png - Defeated the Sector 3 Assassin Lisha.

Hunting2 banner.png - Showed superiority over the mob, defeating their boss.

Hunting3 banner.png - Silenced the corrupt police chief Zaphar, defeating him.

Hunting4 banner.png - Set back X-Corp's plans defeating their founder Sythe.

Hunting5 banner.png - Shook the foundations of the hive, defeating the Hive Lord.

Hunting6 banner.png - Defeated Cerb the Gatekeeper of the sanctuary.

Hunting7 banner.png - Shutdown X-1025 the Brotherhood of Blood's guardian.

Hunting8 banner.png - Displayed ultimate power in defeating the Avatar Lord.

Voting banner2.png - Voted for our game 500 times.

Platinum purchase banner2.png - Purchased Platinum with cash from Legacy.

Platinum purchase banner1.png - Purchased Platinum with credits from another player.