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Legacy Details

I was referred to Legacy sometime ago by my, at the time, girlfriend. I originally joined I believe The Outcasts. I can't remember because I left and immediately joined Dark Flame. Around a year later, I left Dark Flame and joined The Chapter. There was some serious turmoil in the gang and I couldn't stand to be around it any longer. I made it perfectly clear to everyone that I had full intention of returning, I just needed some time away from everything. I was in The Chapter for about a month and went back to Dark Flame. It was there I stayed until I became Staff in Sept' 11

Gang Leadership Positions

The first time around that I was in Dark Flame, I served as a Slaver (rank 11) and the Slave Master (rank 12). When I joined The Chapter, I quickly became one of their Trainers (rank 11). The second time around in Dark Flame, I served as the War Lord (rank 14) and became one of the Slavers once again up until hired as Staff.

Past Character Designs

Past AkuTenshi 2.gif Past AkuTenshi 3.gif Past AkuTenshi 1.gif Vivi look.png