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Gangsterz 2 - Version 2

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Gangsterz 2 - Version 2, often abbreviated as G2V2, is the first version of the current incarnation of the game. The game is sometimes called Gangsterz Online or just Gangsterz as the number has lost some of its meaning. Although, nominally, there are two newer versions of the game, the changes have been gradual and cumulative. In other words, all versions since Gangsterz 2 - Version 2 have been one continuous iteration since the version shifts were not marked (as were the first two incarnations of Gangsterz) by abrupt discontinuity, much like how there is no exact moment in the transition from being an adolescent to being an adult.


The year is 2510 AD, and the game is set inside a huge Hive city. The Third World War wiped out most of civilization and left the rest in ruins. Global warming has turned most of the planet in to uninhabitable desert. Humanity, however, lives on. Dotted around the globe are massive hive cities. These cities vary in size, and the one you currently live in is not only the biggest, but it was the first. Most of the city is now lawless, with people unable to survive in the arid wastelands sorrounding it, effectively imprisoning them in the hive.


  • Full player vs player attack system.
  • Graphical Inventory.
  • NPC (Non-Player Character) Hunting System.
  • Full Casino with 5 Games and its own currency
  • Customizable Outfit System.
  • Complete Integrated Forums.
  • In game message system.
  • Staff ticket support system.
  • Player run item market.
  • Real time Online Chat.
  • Clan system with player run clans.
  • In game radio station.
  • Gang system with four gangs.

Changes - During Release

  • The game was put back online on May 5th 2005. The database had to be completely rebuilt. The game entered Public Beta testing on May 28th 2005 after a short period of Private Beta testing.
  • The template was remade to Next Generation, with the addition of Side Chat and the re-design of the exterior of the game.
  • A new system called Hunting was added, along with item trade limits and new item types such as misc.
  • More updates followed with the creation of a new Casino system and the addition of a level cap at 80.
  • At the start of 2006, Zorg added Subscriptions to the game, turning the game in to a business, and making Zorg a full time worker for the game. This meant a huge increase in how fast updates were done, and how many new things were added weekly.
  • The template was remade yet again in to a more graphical version called Graphical Future in mid 2006.
  • A ticket support system was introduced to help new players along with a game tour for new players.
  • The old gang system was replaced with a clan system and membership in up to 4 clans.
  • The game was split in to four premade gangs, three with various democratic leadership systems put in to place, and one with a oligarchic power structure.
  • Gang warfare and reputation was added to enhance the new gang experience.
  • Various rewards were added for gang warfare and reputation along with a new item upgrade system.
  • Game name was changed from Gangsterz 2 to Legacy.

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Zorg, PaulTech, dk16, Jkjace, Faelust, Deeg, Voght, Nicto10, base, Destiny, Vader, rorixblade, Pimp, carpo

Four gang systems - Dark Flame
Gang Warefare: The Wastelands

  • 2004 - ... no game ...
  • 2005 - Gangsterz 2 (V2)