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Voting System

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Voting System

  • The voting system brings new players to Legacy by gaining publicity for the game.
  • There are currently six sites that you can vote at each of which give you one point on the game after you vote. (Don't try to "fake" it, because the staff will find out pretty fast what you've been doing!)
  • The points then can be, in turn, traded in for revives or energy on the game.

Vote for energy.PNG

How to Vote

Go to one of the six sites that are available to be selected:


Some of the sites have easy links that pop up for easy voting, and some don't, so you have to find the vote button on their websites page. At 12am all 6 reset so you can vote again. at 12pm the middle 2 reset so you can get 2 more votes. In total you get 8 votes a day.

For each 100th, 500th, 1000th, 2000th, 4000th, 6000th, 8000th and 10000th vote you do, you get a banner.

Voting rewards.JPG