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Legacy Quotes/IRC Chat Quotes

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IRC Chat Quotes

[19:18] <@Zorg> and I'm not doing a blog today
[19:18] <Bouchie_man> why
[19:18] <@Zorg> just to annoy you

[22:05] <Truedemon> Do you guy's mind if i be an idiot? 
[22:05] <Vader> *smacks head into wall*  
[22:05] <Zorg> You never asked in the past... 

[04:07] <bouchie> Will you be putting smiles on IRC if that can be done ?
[04:07] <bouchie> zorg !
[04:07] <Zorg> Have you always been an idiot or is this a recent development?

[04:10] <Ph4ze> Is everyone still here?
[04:10] <mehownzu> hmm?
[04:10] <Zorg> why do you insist on asking that every few minutes?
[04:10] <Ph4ze> I dont know lol
[04:10] <Zorg> were you abandoned as a child?

[11:54] <Zorg> Anything you say can and will be used against you in the Wiki quotes page.

[00:18]<Zorg> Bouchie, if you don't need the upgrade... drop it.
[00:18]<Zorg> I'll send you a 1k refund.
[00:19]<G2Staff11_is_stupid> you shoulda checked up on it first :/
[00:19]* G2Staff11_is_stupid is now known as G2Staff11
[00:19]<Bouchie_man> ok
[00:20]<Bouchie_man> Zorg 
[00:20]<Bouchie_man> dropped
[00:20]<Bouchie_man> !
[00:21]* Zorg has quit IRC (Ping timeout�)
[00:21]<G2Staff11> XD he legged it
[00:35]* Zorg has joined #Gangsterz
[00:35]<Zorg> Complete : Credits have been transfered successfully.
[00:37]<Bouchie_man> thank u zorg
[00:37]<Zorg> This doesn't mean that I like you, or even find your existance on my planet tolerable.
[00:37]<Destiny> hehe

[12:15] <Pie> your casino sucks
[12:15] <@Deeg> i'll suck your casino if you dont stfu
[12:15] <@Deeg> :)
[12:16] * @Deeg beats pie repeatedly
[12:17] <Pie> :(

<Dark_Star> omg, I found the replacement for berto. :O 
<CycloneG2> :o who who? 
<Dark_Star> ross  
<Dark_Star> we were talking about how you could just pick up a soccer ball and play with it instead        
            of playing a soccer game 
<Dark_Star> then he said, well you can just take a gun and go around shooting it 
<CycloneG2> :/ 
<Pie> :/ 
<Dark_Star> that has to be the biggest case of mental retardation I've ever seen 
<CycloneG2> XD 
<Dark_Star> move over berto, ross is taking the lead! 

[15:28] <@Deeg> i sent a mail to starbucks the other week telling 
                them it would profitable if they set up an outlet in my village
[15:28] <@Deeg> they didnt reply :(

«@base» i got an idea
[18:57:43] * [1]Pie was kicked by base (Kick!)
[18:57:46] «@mehownzu» :D
[18:57:47] «bladez» lmao
[18:57:52] * Joins: [1]Pie (
[18:57:56] «@base» now he can sort it out XD
[18:57:56] «[1]Pie» >:(
[18:58:01] «[1]Pie» how dare you
[18:58:09] * [1]Pie is now known as Pie
[18:58:11] * Pie was kicked by base (Kick!)
[18:58:14] «bladez» lmao
[18:58:15] «@base» whoops xD 

[19:23] <~Zorg> Bah
[19:23] <G2Staff13[sleep]> whats wrong
[19:23] <~Zorg> This black jack is rigged >:(
[19:23] <G2Staff13[sleep]> ????
[19:23] <~Zorg> I'm testing it because apparently it is bugged
[19:23] <~Zorg> and losing... badly :(
[19:24] <G2Staff13[sleep]> lol
[19:24] <G2Staff13[sleep]> sorry shouldn't laugh
[19:24] <~Zorg> I made it and it looks rigged to me :D
[19:24] <~Zorg> Dealer always gets 20 ffs

[20:51] <CycloneG2> w00t, I got in ^_^ 
[20:51] <NaziHalo> how long did that take you :p 
[20:51] <Zorg> not long enough 

[22:29] <CycloneG2> I think we should Terraform Mars, so we can ruin a 2nd planet! :D

<Zorg> Besides I could say I'm changing G2 in to a new game called Squirrelz 
and replacing the character graphics, doesn't mean I actually have to do it.