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Legacy's yearly Contests start in December and results are posted in January. They are player run with no staff involvement. Its great fun and has now become a tradition so if you're still around near Christmas look out in the Main Forum


Every player can vote in these categories :

  • Best PVP Assassin:

  • Most Liked Player:

  • Most Hated Player:

  • Most Annoying Player:

  • Most Talkative Player:

  • Most Helpful Player:

  • Best Creator: (Added in 2009)
  • Biggest Forum Spammer:

  • Most Valuable Gang Member:

  • Most Valuable Gang Leader:

  • Best Staff:

  • Best Signature:

  • Best Flag (Added in 2009):

  • Best Character Design:

  • Best Clan:

  • Best Gang (cannot vote for your own):

  • Lifetime Achievement Award (This award is for the people deleted for inactivity/people who got bored and left that you miss):

  • Best N00b:

  • Worst N00b:

  • Best WL Gang (cannot vote for your own):

  • Best WL Killer

  • Most Hated WL Player

  • WL Running Shoes Award

  • Most Valuable WL non-avatar

  • Biggest Ego (player, not gang)

  • Biggest Gang Hopper

  • Biggest Moaner (player, not gang)

  • The rules are you are allowed only one voting post. Only the first one will be counted.
  • Please make a complete post with no editing. We don't want to have to guess what has changed, so only original posts will be counted.
  • Please use a player's current and correct name. No nicknames.
  • All categories ask for a single name. Putting darp/dontch or DF/TC, giving two names, will result in no vote being counted for that category.
  • Voting closes January 1st at 12:00 am server time. Posts after this will not be counted.

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