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Wolf's Wiki Page :P


Wolf custom1.png
Name Wolf IRL Name Jash
Birthday 11th November Age 27
Gender Male Location England
Game Rank Lead Community Admin Gang Rank N/A


Hi my name is Jash Or Jashley now i bet some of you are thinking "is this a nickname" well the answer is yes it is a nickname and not my real name but everyone i know knows me and calls me by it so it is as much my name as my real one, Its a combination of my first and last name(Josh Ashley), When i was younger i used to hang around a group of people and there was another josh so it became confusing when trying to direct something to just one of us so one day one of them called me Jashley and it has just stuck after that.

I am from a small town called Northwich it used to be called the salt capital of Cheshire(woo go Northwich :P) because of all the salt mines that were around here, its an ok town but we have some nice countryside around us.

Legacy History

Well i started back in 2012 on the 24th of August and was placed into The chapter and it was there i found my home, I was welcomed in By Beckie One of the trainers at the time she also gave me my test on the 4th of September which i passed with flying colors, I was on and off the game for the next couple of years until issues in real life had calmed down.

once i had came back i had found i had a lot of free time to invest into legacy i worked on leveling and helping out in the wastes as i could which payed off because on the27th of August 2014 i achieved the rank of avatar and felt the need to be doing more for my gang.

I applied for Trainer in 22nd September 2014and was accepted the next day on the 23rd, i enjoyed being a Trainer seeing as i have always loved helping people but i soon found that i didn't take up as much time as i needed and still believed i could help more so i joined a contest for council mainly to see how well i could do and because i knew i could help more if i was sat in council sadly i didn't win (if i had off voted for myself i would have won XD) but none the less i carried on with my Trainer duties and helping the TM with new ideas and competitions.

On the 18th of October 2014 our Trainer Master had just recently ran and gotten in to council so there was a void that needed to be filled and i was a prime candidate but unfortunately Real life always finds a way to kick you in the teeth. On the 24th of October my activity plummeted due to problems with getting online so i sent a mail explaining my situation and that i was willing to step down from being a Trainer, i was still logging in from time to time and i hadn't been removed from being a trainer i was barely managing to keep the position but i was doing what i could.

After a month or so i came back with the fire and determination i had earlier that year my activity was on the up and everything was going good again, Sadly on the 17of January 2015 our Chamber Marshall stepped down but with me still wanting a bigger work load and my loyalty to TC i applied i had always wanted to be CM since i had started it seemed like a Nobel position within the gang. with that said on the 29th of January 2015 i was ecstatic when i had been told i had gotten the position and i was over the moon.

I worked my but off keeping TC's forums in check and dealing with the occasional troublemaker and i did a brilliant job but i had been getting more and more free time to work with so i was happy when i saw there was guide applications open, with all this free time i thought why not i could give something back to legacy and help out so i applied and it Took a few days for Will to get back to me but overall i expected to be waiting longer XD But he appointed me Guide on the 6th of July 2015 during that time i was in a council contest with Zerov8 and 5 days after i had became Guide i was sat on the Elder Council as well.

i carried on working as hard as i could to do what i could for The chapter trying my best and on the 24 of August 2015 all my hard work had come together and shown i was right for the honourable position to lead The chapter to new heights as there esteemed Arbitrator

23 July 2016 : wolf became Staff-clans

10 January 2017 : wolf became staff-community

Character Designs

Wolf Char.png <when i was gang council Wolf 2015.gif <Arbitrator 2015 Character halloweenies.png <Halloween 2015 Wolf 2016.png <Arbitrator 2016
Wolf ClanA CD.png <Clan AdminWolf CommunityA CD.png <Community Admin Wolf custom1.png<My first custom