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This is a page I'll try to use for to-do lists and other wiki-related data that I'd like to store here.

Pillage's to-do list

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You know the answer.. #RAIDS

jk but when we get closer to the date i'll give you the info for it to present however you think would be best.

I would say we'd need a Quests page to better list all the steps for each quest/"talk to X,Y,Z npcs". I think Connor started one and it needs some fleshing out but yeah. Since we dont have an ingame quest log or anything

Other than that... maybe Phantom Items? I think the Spectral Items page is very specific to the old spectral items and we don't have a page for phantom items and the various specific phantom items and item abilities there are.


I think the Equippables Database page is outdated. For example a lot of lowbie equips are craftable or rotate in the wfp shop every week, but it says they're only found through hunting.

Other than that I don't use the wiki too often.


Crafting needs an update. Lots of recipes are not there.

Another one would be the Crystals; some of the items might not have proper numbers. Will has a new Excel sheet with the recent numbers.

There should also be a page that consolidates to existing Quests. Ventrix Quest (Swap), Sythe Quest (Shield), Black Market Quest, Material Storage Quest, even unlocking Aiden.

-- (in regards to quests/spoilers) You could make a template for spoilers, and use them for the step-by-step portions.

Misc. Crafting Info


There are "blank" recipes that drop from Aiden, Markswomen, and Research Lab that let you learn the recipes that aren't sold in shops. Those will roll from a list of recipes in that rarity group, like for example if you use a Generic Blueprint you roll from all the Normal type recipes that aren't found in shops.

It's a bit convoluted, but it's because the way crafting was initially released was a bit convoluted lol. I tried to make things easier by letting you sell/trade recipes and buy them from shops. The recipes in the random draws are how the old way of things were before I changed things.

(When is the recipe determined?) When it's read. When it's dropped, it is a blueprint without a recipe associated with it, and you have to read it to find out the recipe.

Misc. Phantom Item Info


I did everything in your post. Almost everything new in the game is from me barring QoL stuff, drones, the new crafting recipes, and some of the new shops.

Phantom Items: Yeah I wanted to add Item Abilities into the game and eventually make it normal as part of my desire to make combat and gameplay more varied and thoughtful (and also it would be relevant for the raids i was planning at the time). So I decided to unleash it into the game via Phantom Items, a revival of the Spectral Item system to also add a fun event back into the game (albeit less powered compared to the spectral items). I couldn't directly revive the Spectral System itself because the code was.. mm.. it was very hardcoded towards the 3 spectral items that were in rotation back then. I wanted to make a more general system for both item abilities and these spectral type of items - hence the new Phantom Items.

Targeting Modules just show you a list of all the current phantom items in circulation + their locations (who has them, where are the people who have them..etc) + their "strength" in terms of how much time is left before they expire (expressed via %).