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Alright...... Zero's Wiki page..... dont really know what to put here but ill give it a shot.

Name:Nathan Gustafson

Legacy Username:ZeroV8

Where I live:Lets just say near Chicago Illinois

Gang:The Chapter

My Story

Well, the names Nathan and im 13 years old. I was born January 1st 1996. Not alot has happened in my life so this part is gunna be short. I play football (american) for the local team and well im not trying to brag but im pretty damn good. Im 6'1" 160 lbs and ive got blue eyes. I enjoy Metal, Rock, and Alternative. My favorite band is Metallica and they are probably the best band ever.

My Legacy Story

Well one day being bored as i am i got on the internet looking for something to do. I thought i havent got played a good free to play MMORPG for a while so i typed in "free MMORPGs" in the search bar. What poped up was a link to a site that had a list of 100 free to play MMORPGs (its actually the third link on the "Vote for Legacy" thing) so i was goin down the link and alot of them were set in the Fantasy setting but i prefered the Sci-Fi setting. So at about the 25th link there was a game called Legacy and im like that looks cool so i clicked it and made my profile.

Why V8?

Well when i started playing my original Account name was Zero. But when i realized u had to confirm a email to get anywhere problems rose up. The game wouldnt send the confirmation to my email. So we tryed to fix it and over 3 days nothing would fix it. Macey's theory was that the guy that had this account name befor me had a email confirmed and it was messing with mine. So i created another account. That account was ZeroV2 but i got put in OC and wasnt happy with that. So i procceded to make V3-7 but i was put into OC and DF a couple times. So finally when i made V8 i was put back in TC.

My Name

If you havent played the Mega Man X series then you probably dont know who Zero is. How bout instead of explaining him i give you some visual media? Zero is the red guy that slashes the purple guy in half [1] Heres a picture [2] And Another [3] Yeah Zeros pretty cool so i gave that as my name.