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  • Gangsterz Timeline

    • 2004 - ... no game ...

    The Beginning

    Steve is the best friend of Mehean in real life. Mehean had introduced Steve to Gangsterz by showing him what it looked like. Steve at this time didn't have the time or interest to play. A while later when Mehean had told Steve about Gangsterz 2 and Zorg had asked Mehean a few Perl -> PHP syntax questions Steve was intrigued. Steve initially began using Mehean's account during the alpha testing of Gangsterz 2. When Gangsterz 2 went to private beta Steve was given an invite.

    Gangsterz 2 Version 1: Gang History

    Steve was initially a member of the Staff Gang but had decided to leave to create a gang of his own. Steve was the co-leader of the Black Spirits for some time while he had given his best friendTonda337 money to found the Soul Reavers. Steve had seen Soul Reavers grow more and more knowing each and every member in real life. Steve had decided to resign his position from the Black Spirits to become the co-leader of the Soul Reavers. As the Soul Reavers had grown to become the largest gang (not to be confused with Black Spirits being the highest level gang), many players had reached the top 10 and become well known and long time players. Steve had hired many of its members as staff. The Soul Reavers had soon thereafter been called 'the unofficial staff gang'. This had caused a stir in the public saying that we were the largest and best because we had used staff powers to do so. This was proven to be untrue but had caught the attention of Zorg and made him begin to think of staff as being non-players.

    Gangster 2 Version 1: The Cookie Saga

    Steve had begun searching for bugs upon the creation of his account. Steve became heavily active in the forums trying to help Mehean. After a number of bugs / functionality issues solved Steve had been given the opportunity to become staff. Due to the already existent Mehean being the Bugs Admin; Steve had been assigned the position of Help Admin. Throughout service as the Help Admin, Steve had earned the trust of Zorg to get more administration privileges. Steve at this time became the PR Admin. As new functionality had developed and more ways to abuse the current system had been discovered Steve gained more abilities as an administrator. The task of hiring new staff soon became the responsibility of the PR Admin. A few months following, Mehean had resigned his position as the Bugs Admin. Steve had then taken over the responsibilities of the Bugs Admin in conjunction with his current tasks of PR Admin. This became much of a burden and a new position was formed; the Staff Admin. Zorg had then revamped the staffing structure for staff to be appointed by appropriate administrator in that section. At this time Steve was given staff level 5 which made him the first to have as much power as Zorg himself. With these powers Steve had begun to give himself the hidden items that were not implemented in the game. Among these items was a cookie which Steve had put in the Market Square for sale at 9999c. Steve had received much grief over this action and had been revoked of powers for one weeks time. Over this week it was decided that staff should not be active players in the game.

    Space Coalition

    Not much is to be said of Space Coalition other than it was an idea that had come and gone.

    Gangsterz3 forums was a hope to bring back the much loved Gangsterz. A few of the original players remained in contact via these forums and once Gangsterz 2: Version 2 had been brought back all the regulars were given an invite to private beta.

    Gangsterz 2: The Second Coming

    Soul Reavers was recreated as the first gang in Gangsterz 2: Version 2 private beta; and Tonda337 had changed his name to Zephr. Some time after Gangsterz 2: Version 2 had been made public beta Steve had been given the opportunity to volunteer to be a part of Joint Task Force Katrina for the hurricane relief. Steve had requested a ban and returned only to be deployed to Ukraine. Steve had become the first player to remain after being banned over a year. Steve is now one of five members left from private beta.