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One of my Staff Designs
One of my Staff Designs

Well How to start this!
I suppose I started working for Legacy when I was interviewed for Chat Mod by Vader, I was successful and began working along side Korey, Lucatron/Lucas and TGame and Pie. It was always active chat because of the dodgy Server we had, it would always end up full of Guests asking when the game was back online. I made a big mistake with annoying Deeg and later got suspended as chat mod. I got more into the game then I was given chat mod back. Then.. I logged into Legacy tipsy and got caught by Zorg and he removed my powers. Back then NaziHalo came back and she was awarded Wiki Admin but after a huge arguments with members on Legacy she quit, Zorg passed the Wiki onto me and I think it was after an arguement with Zorg I gave the Wiki to Pie and thought screw it. Not one of my best decisions in the world and I started to regret it, A few weeks later I got back to Wiki Admin along side Pie after he awarded me the power again. At this point we were still on the old wiki on Wikia. So in January Zorg created Player Staff and Granted me the Wiki Admin position along side bcfcespley the graphics admin. Now before I continue I should tell you about Wikia... more. It turns out that wikia started loosing money so in a desperate way to keep wikia running they put HUGE adverts about anything. No joke I clicked on Zorg's user page and the whole left side had an advert for Legacy Will writing... So I figured yeah.. Wikia are really taking the (Insert word here). After that they decided to place MORE adverts. Zorg decided it was damaging his no adverts policy and some of the pages so we moved to this new wiki. I can tell you moving a wiki ... is like mission impossible at times, we had to move every page and image by hand. Anyway after the wiki move I was asking if I could go full-time staff. Deeg talked with Lucas & Zorg and he messaged me back saying yes.. So I was hired on the 13th May along side Shade, Macey and DMaster who were hired at a later date. On the 12th July Lucas made me visible and placed me under Wiki/Library Admin. On the 19th of November Zorg promoted me to Development Manager. On the 3rd of March, I was promoted to Staff Manager!Smiley 19.gif

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One of my Staff Designs
One of my Staff Designs