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Special Thanks

ScottValentines.gif Scott

Scott, I came in contact with him when he was still a Trainer at The Chapter, he tested me for the first time (Which I failed, but not to blame him, he was an excellent trainer. He later made Staff. I was still a normal player then and after a long time of silence we had conversations on msn, soon we became friends, he later made me Wiki Sysop and even helped me in becoming a true Staffard. Smiley 19.gif

None.png JustMe

On my very first day I met her. JustMe. I was in Dark Flame and so was she. She learned me the very basics of Legacy and one of the biggest reason I was still playing. She was also my buddy in DF and we completed several missions. Before my internet connection was shut down. She doesn't play anymore and I hope she will read this and come back. JustMe is a awesome, chill and cool woman to talk with. I miss her..

NewFiction.gif Fiction

I met Fiction in the Wasteland when I was still a newbie, he was The Chapter's Staff Rep. If I was in for a talk I might add him on msn he said, so I did. We had days we've talked for hours about music and other interesting stuff, and we liked each other from the start. Later when I became staff he has helped me very much with explaining and learning me interesting stuff!

DogBH.gif Lucas

Lucas hired me as Staff and I am very thankful for that, Lucas knows exactly what he does, he far from being stupid, is very relaxed and a very nice guy to talk with. I like working with him very much!

DMaster.gif DMaster

I got to know DMaster when he quit from Staff and became a player again, I talked often on msn with him and he was a nice guy. When he became staff again, there was a long silence. After he was vissible once again, we talked again. And nowadays he has done a great part in helping me. When I got staff he showed me a great deal of cool tricks and tips. And he also made my awesome character design and much more! Smiley 19.gif

Jerv.gif Jerv

Jerv, He is one if the best leaders around, he makes you laugh and is also one of the strangest/perverted people around. He is a awesome guy, who can be serious at times and can give very good advice. Smiley 2.gif

None.png Daniela

She started a chain reaction without knowing it sadly, Daniela hired me as one of their trainers, giving me a great chance to show myself. Without her I couldn't show myself and work my way up. Too bad she left the game and she didn't see how I worked myself up, I know she would be proud of me.

Amlyrod.gif amlyrod

Amlyrod is one of the nicest girls I've ever met on legacy. We often talked in the Wasteland and later on MSN a lot. When I got promoted to Trainer Master she was my mentor. Amlyrod gave me good advice and awesome ideas. Thank you for that! Smiley 19.gif

Pie.gif Pie

However Pie is a silent guy, and not much people talk with him, he is generally a cool guy, yes he has a short fuse sometimes but that just something you have to live with. He is funny at times but he takes his work seriously. I thank him for giving me a shot at guide! And still not killing me! XD (joke).

The Chapter.gif The Chapter

The Chapter was the first Gang I was in, I liked it from the start, because it is so open, yet there is order. A lot of people are helping you and there are a lot of fun people in it. However I have not been there fulltime, (I was in Dark Flame and Outcasts for both short times, I came back to The Chapter. Heggs and Scott were the first 2 people I met. My time in The Chapter was amazing. I am happy I have showed what I am capable of, and I will always be a smurf inside!

Here are some people who I like to thank who can be deleted for inactive or moved to different gangs:
Heggs, Zerocomman, Arretu, 007Ben, Voght, Zymis, Star, MissTHC420, Mandle, Larse, DragonWolf, play2slay, WhiskeyJac, Deck, Prasutagus, Darksten, Lotono, Bernard721, Panther, BigDaddy, beckie, iceycold, Jess and zalgo.