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Real Name Pascal Gender Male
Location Nijmegen, Netherlands Age 20 (June-24-1991)

Past Player Character Designs


Who am I?

Hey there! Welcome on my public wiki page! As you might know my name is Pascal, and yes that is my real name. This page will tell you a bit about my life and of course my legacy! Most people don't know that I am not English, infact I am Dutch (from the Netherlands). the Netherlands is a tiny country with just over 17 milion people.

I like action, shooting, racing and adventure games. My favorite games of all time are: GTA, Oblivion, Call of Duty, and the Need For Speed series. Stuff I own: a PS3, Samsung Galaxy S II, laptop, desktop and a lot of older systems.

Films I like: Starwars, Bleach, Stargate, Southpark and of course: Startrek. From time to time I watch anime too. (lots of more of course).

My lucky number is: 24, favorite food: Lasagna, chicken meat and fries.

I am currently a student at a IT college (Mix between University), going to head for network/system administrator, if anything something with computers :P I already did work experience for a year at a high school as system administrator and another year as the same but on another High school, this was very fun and interesting, learned me a lot of cool stuff and got me to know my place on the job market. I am currently heading for a job at the Dutch Royal Airforce, as Sergeant CiS (Communications and information systems).

My music taste could be anything, as long as it isn't rap (with a lot curse words) or happy hardcore. I am in love with Amy Macdonald and Florence and the machine.
I normally discover new music via: Hype Machine, you should give it a try! Also when I need to think clearly, I listen to classical music, the violin is the best instrument ever! I often to go concerts and festivals to discover new bands. Some I have discovered (and are great!) are: Roosbeef and De Staat.

MMO's I have played:

Shaiya, Project Torque, Last Chaos, Dream Of Mirror Online, Grand Fantasia, Shin Megami Tensei, Wolf Team, Latale, Pirate Galaxy, Last Chaos, Kingdom Heroes, Dungeons and dragons online, Need for Speed World, Fiesta Online, World of Warcraft, Perfect world International, League of Legends, Eve Online, Jade Dynasty, Guildwars (Currently Playing).

I like to think, a lot, I have several conversations in my mind all the time, talking to myself has given me much insight. I am a clear thinker, I am never on the influence of beer or drugs, (Yeah much people find it hard to believe that from a dutchie, but I am sober! XD) I like to enjoy a nice pint of Guinness. Sometimes, I just go to buy some chocolate and some drinks (Coca Cola Cherry! <3).

First Account

I started playing Legacy around 2007 (around the time when warfare was released), I was just bored on a school day, so I googled a web browser game top site, and found out some online browser based games. Most of them were boring, bad, and poorly written. Until I found, a game that grabbed my attention for years to come. There were really nice people who helped me from the start, one was Heggs and Scott (back then his name was maddoctor) and much, and it was a pretty good game. So I stuck around. Heggs was very helpful to me around that time, and also tested me as trainer. I got instantly hooked to legacy, I played a lot of browser based games, and much are far from unique as Legacy, not only the game itself but also the awesome community got me hooked. The Chapter was the gang I was born in and the gang where I grew up in. I got to know heggs at the start (she also tested me when she was trainer, and she was very helpful, giving me a lot of advice <3!. I went up to level 40 (around that, not sure either XD), before the ISP I used banned us for not paying for our connection, but they made an error because they thought we paid on another name.. So my account got deleted because I didn't login anymore. But I came back!!

Second Account

Yeah! So after I did finally get my internet back, I instantly started to play Legacy again. Heggs remembered me, but around Jan 2008 I got banned for a week, I made multis just for fun (I learned my lesson!).(Obama etc). When I got back I was kicked out of the gang, So I joined OC for a short time, (2 days, was boring, so I was out of it pretty quick), and went to DF for a longer time. I learned to know: Justme (buddy), Hellgiver and a lot of other cool guys and girls. But DF wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Yeah I am for dictatorships (more effective XD), but I like to voice my opinion so I went back to TC again. maddoctor (now Scott), tested me, and learned me some stuff I didn't know. Jerv helped me a lot too, I won't forget that!

On this second time, I was more involved, I made friends, and some enemies. I wanted to do more for the gang, so I applied for trainer, several times, until in august I made an application which was a PDF file and had almost 2 pages of text, where I explained what I wanted. This worked and I was made a Trainer of The Chapter on 9/9/09, Daniela was my Trainer Master back then. When Voght was Trainer Master, I was very active and hardworking, when Voght stepped down, it was a logical choice to make me the new Trainer Master.

I was happy with Trainer Master, My trainers worked very hard, and they helped dozens of newbies learn the ropes. But when there was no Chamber Marshal anymore, so on Jerv's advice I wanted a change. So I got Chamber Marshal.

CM was a big change to what I was doing first. I was a very respected leadership person of the gang, but when TC council went a bit inactive, I contested sp3nny. Sp3nny left the contest since he felt he was inactive too. Dragonwolf joined the contest, but I won. Making me council. The rest is in the writing :)

On 22-2-10 I reached avatar. In the wasteland, you can see the screenshot here.

So I earned myself the Guide position not so long after I made Council after that, things went fast. For my staff story check: My staff page.

Return and third account

In 2018 I made my return as Picard, I was no longer actively playing and I got my last account scrubbed. Even when life was busy I never forgot Legacy. Hence I came back. After a time I was able to get the trust of The Chapter back and was made Training Master. I made some good reforms and made sure the training team was back in shape. Soon after that I got hired by Connor as an official Legacy Guide. (Jan 2019). Quickly after that I won a council seat (Feb 2019) in The Chapter.

I am fully back again!


None Secret Clan Old Staffards Sacred Templars
No Rank Unknown Old Staff Sacred Emperor

My Achievements

Checkmark.gif Get into TC leadership.   Checkmark.gif Get Into TC Elder Council.   Checkmark.gif Get TC leader   Checkmark.gif Get Legacy Guide   Checkmark.gif Get Legacy Staff  

4year banner.png - Stood with us during the 4 year anniversary of the game.
5year banner.png - Stood with us during the 5 year anniversary of the game.
6year banner.png - Stood with us during the 6 year anniversary of the game.
Subscribe banner.png - This player has subscribed to play the game.
Hunting1 banner.png - Defeated the Sector 3 Assassin Lisha.
Hunting2 banner.png - Showed superiority over the mob, defeating their boss.
Hunting3 banner.png - Silenced the corrupt police chief Zaphar, defeating him.
Hunting4 banner.png - Set back X-Corp's plans defeating their founder Sythe.
Hunting5 banner.png - Shook the foundations of the hive, defeating the Hive Lord.
Hunting6 banner.png - Defeated Cerb the Gatekeeper of the sanctuary.
Hunting7 banner.png - Shutdown X-1025 the Brotherhood of Blood's guardian.
Hunting8 banner.png - Displayed ultimate power in defeating the Avatar Lord.
Prize1 banner.png - Winner of an official Legacy competition.

Top10 badge4.png Top10 badge3.png Top10 badge2.png Top10 badge7.png Top10 badge.png Staffbadge.png Top10 badge5.png Top10 badge6.png Top10 badge8.png Top10 badge9.png Alive.png Mini medic.png Icon male.png Subscriber badge.png Avatar badge.png Online.png

Ww banner.png - Finished a werewolf game as part of the winning team.
Voting banner4.png - Voted for our game 2000 times.
Hunt banner.png - Has been ranked among the Top 10 best hunters.
Deaths banner.png - Kept our hospital in business with the Top 10 highest losses.
Level banner.png - Achieved ranking among the Top 10 most experience gained.
Kills banner.png - Decimated the hive, reaching the Top 10 highest wins.
Warfare banner.png - Fought for their gang reaching the Top 10 highest WF points.
Spectral banner2.png - Defeated a player and stole their Shard of Destruction.
Spectral banner3.png - Defeated a player and stole their Phantom Armor.
Chat banner.png - Spending 5 days in our Online Chat.
Flag banner.png - Ranked in the top 3 of an official Legacy flag competition.
Cow banner.png - Played before the merge in to Hunted Cow Studios!

Came 2nd with a flag competition!
Flag Pascal Contest.png
2nd coolest
Achieve 1.gif
Achieve 2.gif
Achieve 9.gif
Achieve 12.gif
Achieve 21.gif
Achieve 29.gif
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Me Haz Friends
Walking Advert
Hard Workers
Winning streak!
Just this once...
Busted flush!
King of the hill!
Coin ya do it!
Healthy option!
Cashing in!
Bringing my own!
Hit the bar!
High five!
My House!
Just one more time...
The Don!
Achieve 42.gif
Achieve 59.gif
Achieve 22.gif
Achieve 26.gif
Achieve 59.gif
Achieve 33.gif
Half way there!
Casino Royale!
High Roller
Drawing a Blank!
Learn when to quit!


09/09/09 Trainer of The Chapter

09/11/09 Trainer Master of the Chapter

08/01/10 Chamber Marshal of the Chapter

22/02/10 Elder Council of The Chapter

04/03/10 Official guide of Legacy

18/04/10 The Arbitrator of the Chapter (just one week replacement for ExDeath)

18/04/10 Wiki Sysop of Legacy

5/07/10 Wiki Administrator of Legacy

6/07/10 Dark Flame's Staff Representative

24/07/10 The Chapter's Staff Representative

9/08/10 Market Administrator

17/02/11 Helping with Accounts.

21/07/11 Clan Administrator

5/08/12 Mentor of the Outcasts

24/09/12 Debt Collector of the Outcasts

Friends List (41)

Aaron, Arretu, Bagenholt, beckie, Buttnoog, Cieran, DMaster, Emi, Hypno, Itislove69, ItsMeMario, KevMan, KillaSanta, Kizaaz, knightrick, Lucas, ManBearPig, Mandle, monkey, nero, nimrod, Nitrous, Pie, PikeyMikey, Pillage, Rhea, Robbi780, Scott, Shade, slaf, Smk, Sneakybolt, Spanky, stitch, tghowcroft, Thanatos, Verractu, thehunter, Voght, Zac, ZeroV8, Zorg.


Following quote is a love poem from Mohith.

There once was a lovely Pascal,
he was loved like a dirty rascal.
He used to run around and ask for fan mail,
he got nothing but silly panda fail.
He thinks he's so cool running his ST Clan, never bothers to accept Scott could just pwn him with a ban. Oh Pascal you rascal, won't you invite me to this clan, you know I'm the best and you need me as your fan.
Working hours away on your little wiki, never asking much from dumb sysops (Altiar) rarely picky. You ran an awesome WW game, though your glasses make you look quite lame.
Now here comes the hard part, so where do I start. I'm sorry for sending those mass messages, I'll make it all up with a massage.
Now before I end this little song, just remember it's all Altiar's wrong. And Scott wasn't nice with his kick and that shove, but what can we do: but show you two some love.