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Omnizohar's Wiki Page

Hello people that visited my page, I am Omnizohar. I do hope you enjoy reading my wiki page as it is still developing. Actually since I'm very lazy, I'm not gonna update any contents.

Basic Descrption

My Character on January 4th 2010.

I don't really like to tell about myself but:

Age: ?

Date of Birth: 15th of January

Current Gang: The Chapters

Location: Australia

Interests: ?

Obtaining my Name

The nickname "Omnizohar" was made up by me when I was 12 years old. During that age I never thought of a nickname for myself so I tried being creative and think of a unique name which will be recognize by people for my creativity. I used to play alot of PSX games back then and one of my favorite game of all PSX time is Xenogears. Because of that game, I manage to form my nickname I have till today. The game has the term Omni and Zohar in it, they were both commonly used in that game and I decided to 'fuse' those 2 words together and that's how it all started. On rare cases, I usually have the word Nightmare before my nickname (Omnizohar) to add more creativity in it, but lately I didn't add Nightmare on my nickname.


I play a popular free web-browser MMORPG called RuneScape. Yes I admit I play it and I'm not ashamed to say I do. RuneScape is the reason how I was introduced into Legacy, so it has some good parts. I have played it since 2006, learning my way throughout the game without a helping hand. The game does not have the best graphics but really, is graphics a major part on gameplay or the gameplay content itself? Anyway a RuneScape player whom I shall not name without permission, has introduced me into Legacy. He said that Legacy is a game that I can play without being too distracted from RuneScape itself (multi tasking).

My RuneScape Username is N_Omnizohar, the N at the beginning of my name is suppose to stand for "Not Original", its too bad the username can only hold upto 12 characters. Those wondering why I didn't go by the name "Omnizohar", its because I have completely forgotten the users password when I created it 2003(I was not a major player then until 2006).

Well, after seeing people having this on their wiki page, I guess it'd be nice if I made my own:

  • G2 banner.png A true gangster from before the game's name change.
  • 2year banner.png Stood with us during the 2 year anniversary of the game.
  • 4year banner.png Stood with us during the 4 year anniversary of the game.
  • Hunting1 banner.png Defeated the Sector 3 Assassin Lisha.
  • Hunting2 banner.png Showed superiority over the mob, defeating their boss.
  • Hunting3 banner.png Silenced the corrupt police chief Zaphar, defeating him.
  • Hunting4 banner.png Set back X-Corp's plans defeating their founder Sythe.
  • Hunting5 banner.png Shook the foundations of the hive, defeating the Hive Lord.
  • Spectral banner3.png Defeated a player and stole their Phantom Armor.
  • Voting banner3.png Voted for our game over 1000 times.
  • Subscribe banner.png This player has subscribed to play the game.

My Life on Legacy

I joined Legacy during 2007 before it was renamed (known as Gangsterz2 back then) and I was assigned in The Chapters. I didn't know much about the game but Food has taught me alot when I was back on my noob days. Food said that I should join Dark Flame, the Dictatorship gang, with him so we're together. When I reached the level 20, I stopped playing after I found this game not enjoyable. Food suggest me just to go on day by day to work for credits then close the game. So all I've been doing is working for a year on Gangsterz and surprisingly I maxed my job (Mining) and earnt more c's that way.

So this process kept up until about early 2008 I came back on. I was still in Dark Flame and worked hard, manage to bought equipments needed for mid 30-40. I started doing some leveling which I am finally about to do to reach the requirement of my new equipments. I left Dark Flame and went back to The Chapters cause I disliked Dictatorship. So during TC, I just did leveling and working. I heard from Food that he said hes in Outcasts. I was surprised that he has became Avatar cause the last time I saw him, he was in early 50's while I was only level 20. One day during mid 2008, Food wanted me to go join Outcasts cause he said I'd benefit OC in Wasteland and I did what he said.

So here, I'm in Outcasts. Ross mailed me asking why I left TC, I never answered back (nothing personal to you Ross). And here is pretty much where my Legacy impact started. I was really surprised seeing how OC gang runs through Freedom. I knew that this gang would be a happy place for me with all these friendly gang members. Not long after, I was invited to join Vincent's clan known as the Umbrella Corp(Resident Evil fantic). When I reached the level 50, things got really really hard on me. Earning exp was alot slower than it used to be(for me atleast) and I've been working alot more than I have. From time to time, I donate my c's to the clan so then the clan bank has some amount left to loan out to members who needs c's. I finally bought my Magma Plate 3t for 24,000c's. I was happy to have my first expensive item and the effort it took for me to gain it.

So things kind of continue like this, I work, try earn exp, help out in Wasteland. Things got repetitive and it once again bore me. I didn't really "leave" Legacy but I just work day after day to earn c's. Until this day, I'm really stingy with my c's until I reach Avatar level. So Christmas passed and its 2009. Nothing much to say in early 2009 here since I didn't do anything important. I did eventually reach 50,000c's and damn was I happy I reached that amount of cash. During mid - end 2009 I reached level 55 on Legacy and I finally able to equip these G.Launchers stuck in my Inventory for ages. Heh and from what I can remember, Vincent's clan bank was completely empty due to people not paying back loans. Me being very generous and owing Vincent for allowing me to stay in his clan for all these years, I donated 20,000c's to his clan bank to repay his bank lost.

So now, it's Christmas 2009 OC! Boy I did miss out Halloween. So then on OC Forum, I made a post that to all close to Av's and Av's who need equipment, I will give them a railgun as an X-Mas gift. I had about 6-8 people that participated and the lucky winner was VBF on Christmas day. I felt happy that I helped out Outcasts. But...things started to went downhill for me near the end of 2009. I had an issue with a certain member in the gang that left me really really unhappy and uncomfortable. I really didn't know what to do, I felt like leaving Outcasts but then I keep telling myself that I worked my way through the gang to reach my rank(7) on OC. It'd be all a waste for nothing if I leave. But the ultimate choice was made, I didn't really benefit the gang much during my whole time on OC and I can't stand feeling unhappy cause of someone. So it happened, I left Outcasts with a "Farewell OC" message on side chat. Deep inside I feel sad but then I tend not to show emotion to anyone. I left a message to Food who is the gang leader on my departure.

So here I am on January 2010, I'm a Rogue - gangless and I look forward on joining Blade of Dawn, the only gang I haven't joined. But it's too bad I don't have the reputation required to join them. I don't plan on returning to the other 2 gang I have joined in the past.

The Chapters - I learnt not to trust this gang..

Dark Flame - I dislike a gang ran by Dictatorship.

Well, this is my life on Legacy 2009, its 2010 people and I hope maybe I can feel happy in a gang this year. Outcasts, someday I'll return what I call home. It appears I have joined TC suggested by my friend Ilosttrust to help speed up increasing my reputation to join BoD. On Friday January 08th, 2010, my account is officially 1000 Days old. I never knew that I was in this game for so long, it feels like it's only been months since I played. I'm still in TC, slowly increasing my BoD Reputation to Neutral so then I am able to join that gang. I'm still a long way but I'm not going to stop yet!

January 11th 2010, my 6th day in TC. Entered Wasteland to go earn some wasteland points for my own benefit. My biased opinion towards TC seem to changed after listening to the gang members speak. I felt different towards TC like some part of me tells me to stay in TC and give it a change to feel welcomed. But then I'll be a hypocrite cause of my biased opinion towards the gang. Even against my own word, I want to make TC feel like home to me. It seems like everything is proceeding good. In a week I reached the status of being a member of TC, which is good as I am showing my loyalty to the gang. I often go in Wasteland when I have the opportunity. For the first time, I have reached my peaked score in warfare points, earning 2088 points and ranked 65 / 2194. This may not be much comparing to others but its an accomplishment for me which I can always be proud of.

So Valentine's passed on Legacy and I purchased 2 Balloon's that I plan on saving up for someone within 2010. Though I do not have anyone in mind to give it out to. For what I'm doing in this month, I am merely trying to compete in Wasteland but unable to due to lack of gang activity going in which is a bummer, BoD keeps on destroying our squares over and over. So I only go on at the best chance I can, other than that I am working to earn credits on Legacy and so far I have reached 80k c's again(Took a while). My goal is to reach roughly 200k c's to buy myself a Scythe that I have always wanted before my quest to Avatar begins.

Over the past few weeks during February, I have competed in TC's Werewolf game and this is my very first werewolf game I played. My role is a Villager so my goal is to get rid of every Evil character that is in play but as well as try to cooperate with other Villagers to track down who is Evil. Basically from the entire game, I stayed in the shadows and observe how everything goes and vote when necessary. It was really exciting cause among us Villagers, few of them are werewolves and we need to make sure we are trusting the right person. At early game, our Sheriff and Seer got slain so the odds are MAJORLY stacked on us Villagers and "we" have to start relying on trust and "evidence". Things really didn't go well as the werewolves are really crafty and they know what they are doing and has planned out things to slay us one by one.

Things didn't turn out well when we were down to about 6 people. Apparently one of the Villager has started pointed fingers at me accusing me of the werewolf. The heat was bought onto me and I had to retaliate and defend myself from being accused. I did manage to get some heat off my back until the next phase they were drawn onto me again. This time all the Villagers were on me and to the point I cannot really argue nor defend myself. So I just told them that I'm not going to stop them from voting me off because if I get killed, they will lose the game. After the phase, I was killed and expected it. Next phase, the werewolves have won and boy did I enjoy the Death Note I said to those Villagers, rubbed it all in their faces:

"Well, you all refused to listen to me and guess what? YOU ARE DOWN 2 VILLAGERS! YES IM RUBBING IT IN YOUR FACES! ALL REFUSED TO BELIEVE IM A WEREWOLF BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOO SO STUBBORN! Oh boy I'm enjoying this. I refuse to help any of you cause of your stubbornness. Bad luck to all, you lost this game villagers.

Mandle your the true werewolf. You should be the one to be lynched." (I was not serious, merely rubbing the fact that I'm a Villager and that they costed the game by lynching me)

I'm looking forward for next time's TC Werewolf game. Thank you zerocomman for hosting one.

It's nearly March 2010 now and I have been thinking this week recently; I am not a very known persorn on Legacy, in a gang most likely only ¼ of the members know me at most. During my early Legacy years, I did wanted to be noticed ingame for who I am. An example is Food who is known by alot and is quite popular, along with his crazy kill counts. Majority of the side chat people would not even recognize me and sees me as a nobody "lowbie". Well I'm not bothered, as I know myself that I don't go on alot and would never reach the "popular" status. Back in OC, 6Vincent6 noted me that I was a "lurking shadow" that helps out the gang. His comment meant alot to me cause I was never been able to be recognize by people to take notice of me. I like the way Vincent called me a "lurking shadow", kind of something that I like doing. Its nearly end of February, hope to see if anything interesting awaits me in March.

March has begun. What has happened so far is me, for the first time designing my flag. Guarantee this flag I'm constructing is a pain with having to make sure every pixel is the right color and in the right position. I can see that the outcome will turn out good. TC's 2nd Werewolf game is out and this time I can't wait to see how things would proceed in this game. Hopefully the Good Alignment will win this time.

As for gang related, just recently end of February I feel like things are going downfall again. Apparently that person in OC who caused me to leave the gang has moved into TC and I have this feeling that I should depart from TC cause of that JERK is in the same gang as me AGAIN! I was very very tempting to leave but then TC members didn't want me to leave just cause of 1 person. zerocommon suggested/pleaded/asked/told(whatever fits best) me to stay in TC as she is kind of going through the same trouble as I am. She told me that it is not worth letting 1 person make me abandon a gang where alot of great members are in. I listened to her words and decided to stay, hopefully endure being with that jerk.

I wish I could of made the same choice in OC, but it seems like I was not recognized by alot to be talked with. Speaking about recognize, it seems that I am slowly being noticed in the gang by other members. Back in OC, I was only noticed by minority of people, others see me as another lowbie and very uninteresting. Not saying they are bad people but it seems to have worked like that. I am also being alot more socialize in TC than I was in OC, I have a feeling 2010 in TC is going to be a thrilling experience. Lets see what awaits in the future for me.

Things are slowly getting onto me, bad things that is. Apparently a rank 10 member of TC directly insulted me in a thread I created and I wasn't able to retaliate cause of the thread being locked. I tried asking the locker to unlock my thread so I am able to retaliate. However things didn't seem to work out (as I expected) and my thread stayed lock. I was told if I had a problem with a member, I should contact the Chamber Marshall (SubZro). So I contacted the Chamber Marshall asking for a fair judgement on the rank 10 member insulting me, what I get in response is that I should be expecting the insult(WTF??) and its my fault. So thinking for a while, I realized that the rank 11+ would side and suck up with rank 10 members over a recently joined member of the gang when it comes to some kind of conflict. So, thats how things work in the gang huh? Well if this keeps up, I will definitely leave this gang.

March 2nd week, seems like my problems with council has settled down. There isn't much to say except me participating in Wasteland and in 2 weeks I had over 1k warfare points which makes me feel good. Sometimes Wasteland is a struggle when there aren't any members around and like you're the only member of the gang in the Wasteland trying to conquer squares and at most, last for about 10-15minutes or so before dieing from someone. But that's all so far this month.

It's near the end of March, what has happened was me participating in TC's second Werewolf game. I was given a good alignment power role - Witch. So I have the ability to kill people with my evil potion and save 1 person from dieing by Werewolf with my good potion. Both ability has 1 use only, another part of my ability is to be able to see who will die during the night phase by a Werewolf. Seems simple, I went and played along with other villagers while hiding my identity. During the first 2 night phase, our Seer died and I didn't save him because I thought during that part of the game, its too early to save someone but then I wish I could of made the right choice. On one of the night phase, I attempted to kill DMercury with my evil potion cause I assumed he was an evil alignment, the kill attempted fail as DMercury was Defended which means he will not die on that phase, bit of a mixup confusion but zerocomman stated that my evil potion is not wasted.

Mandle was the first person I have revealed my identity to as he seems very trustworthy in this game (unlike last game). However shortly after knowing Mandle dies by the Wolves and the Murderer. I wasn't on at the time to try save Mandle from his death - sucks. So then on next phase few people in the game found out about my identity through Mandle as he can trust them. Turns out these few people are power role and could cooperate. But then, one of the person who knew about my role (Lupee101) did not trust me very well from what it seems and died on the night phase by wolves. His death post has seem to draw all the heat onto me as he accuses me as the Master Werewolf from my mistaken warning. - I was informed that 1 out of the 2 people would die on a night phase. - I told the few people that 2 of that person would die. - Turns out neither of the 2 died, and the Wolves turned on themselves. - Caused alot of confusion, didn't know what to say and well, Bang I'm lynched.

Oh well, atleast the villagers won this Werewolf game. Guess first time being a power role is kinda hard to handle and is kind of hard to prove that you're really what you say you are. Thank you zerocomman for hosting TC's second Werewolf game.

As of Wasteland, new map is coming really soon and TC recently has increased activity from what I see. Been mainly fighting against OC this past few weeks back and forth, BoD can be a pest on taking our squares but it can be captured back. From what I predict, TC should come in 3rd this map, higher would be a bonus. OC would come around 2nd-3rd, BoD 1st and DF comes last as I haven't seen much activity from that gang recently.

March 29th I earned 100,000+ CREDITS!! Well...that took my entire Legacy life to earn it and trying to gain another 100,000 or say about 80,000- sigh...must not give up on my goal to achieve a Scythe before reaching Avatar!

Wow, is it me or time flies by quick? April already?

Been a while since I updated. New map on WL, for first few weeks, TC's been demolished by OC. Then eventually TC managed to fight back and show the gang that we have potential to charge into another gang's HQ. What I've done so far is bought myself a Javelin so I could equip it when I'm lvl 60 and a T-Star for early lvl 70's. Not going to be a long time till I start leveling, I want my Scythe first! During early April, I was SOOO CLOSE to earning a Scythe. Apparently a TC member putted a Scythe for auction and highest bidder wins it. I placed my entire credit in on the bid (104,347), hoping I would be the highest bidder. Turns out the highest bidder was Sp3nny who bidded privately so I wouldn't able to see who is the highest bidder. He won with the bid of 140,000c's. ZOMFG!@!@@@@@@@ If I knew he was the highest bidder, I would've sold my Magma, G.Launcher and other stuff JUST to outbid him. **** I hate that Sp3nny.


Whoaa been ages since I've updated this blog. I really don't remember the events that has happened lately. I do remember competing in TC's Werewolf game again and I end up dieing LOL. Umm I moved house and didn't have internet for 3 weeks and when I came back BANG! OC 1squared TC. I also find out all the good members of TC are inactive lately. Damn bad time to return to Legacy and have this shoved onto me.

Anywayy May 22nd, 2010 I've gotten a Phantom Armor Banner added to my collection!! But still, I don't think this would make up for the 5th Anniversary I missed out due to having no internet. sadface :(. Guess whining over about it won't give me a chance to get it - other than that seems like TC is in deep**** for me. Well Forum's been really inactive like it would always be, guess the great members of TC hasn't been on much, well I don't see em when I go on lately. Downhill - Downhill - Downhill goes TC. But I'm sure at some point, we'll stand back on our feet and show all the gang what TC is really capable of...except I don't think we can do that yet.

So recent this week,TC has been doing great now, standing back on their knees and fighting off OC in wasteland. We manage to tackle down some buildings but the end result is TC getting one squared again. But good thing is we are able to fight back when we can. Not too long ago, I made a thread in TC Forum about celebrating the departure of a certain person. Not long after my thread was deleted and it was never notified to me why it was removed for what reason. So for a while now, I've been PMing the Elder Council on knowing who was responsible for deleting my thread and for what reason. Seems like all the Council told me they didn't delete my thread. I was told that the Ranks 13+ have the ability to Moderate the Members Forum section, I've contacted 2 13+ but no luck on getting the answer I wanted.


I really really can't be bothered on updating this wiki page I made, so I'm going to stop at how far I gotten into it. I would like to thank those who read my page about my Legacy Life.


There are people that I wish to thank in Legacy.

Food - He's the reason of me today on Legacy, I owe him alot.

6Vincent6 - A nice guy that I have known, he allowed me to stay in his clan for all these years.

Ilosttrust - A very good friend of mine that has given me great advices.

KevMan - He's given me some freebie's, nice guy and also given me advices on hunting.

Outcasts - A gang that I've been in for 2 years, made me feel like home.

Outcasts Members - The members in Outcasts were really nice and all seem to respect each other like a happy family(except one specific person).

Heggs - A great helpful person to me in The Chapters.

Pascal - Helped me around when returning to The Chapters for the 3rd time.

Korey - His wiki page has inspired me to make my own.

Anihil8er - Great helper to me in TC

Zorg - Created Legacy, without him then this game wouldn't have been created.

[More to add in the future]

Omnizohar 15:50, 4 January 2010 (UTC)