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Prima J - Rock Star

About me


There isn't really much actually to say about myself, then again everyone has this problem when it comes to an 'about me' section of anything. So, I’ll just start with the basic information. The names Korey, I’m 19 years old, and finished high school a year ago. I have not decided on what I’d like to go to college for, so I currently work for Cisco in the hardware replacement team. In my spare time I like logging onto Legacy, and helping whenever and wherever it’s needed, I also like to party it up with friends and family when we can all get together, and have a serious addiction to gaming. Artistically I’d say I have some talent, though others may disagree with that, to me I just haven’t explored that side as much as I’d like to. As for any goals I may have, I’d like to get into 3D game animation, but finding a school here in Halifax has proven to be somewhat of a challenge. Not to sure what else to actually write about, I guess if I come up with anything I can always add it later, so for now I’ll just leave you with a bunch of random information you may find interesting (doubtful). My favourite color is grey, currently I am really into Lauryn Hill, my favorite movie as off the other day is Hancock, I love my job, I love cats (I have 4), I’m single, I’m a huge nerd, the best gaming systems are PS3 and PC, your mom totally loves me, and no I don’t give loans. ;)



I am the Taskmaster for The Outcast. I love my rank and job there, and have no plans at all of leaving it. I am not as active in WL as I;d like to be at the moment, but once I have paid off all my loans and collected enough funds I shall pick up playing again. I am also a chat mod on Legacy still, I believe being it probably makes me the longest running one. :P


So before I actually signed up to Legacy, I couldn’t stand it, everything about the game turned me off. Most of my hate for the game is how much I actually heard about it from my brother, 6Vincent6, and Gaki. After months of hearing about how awesome it is, I finally decided to try the game out around September-October 2006, needless to say I fell in love with the game, and the people on it. Also, for good measure the name Gangsterz2 I couldn’t stand, so I’m glad it was changed.


Hehe, That’s right I officially decided to quit leveling for the rest of my time on Legacy when I hit level 50. Leveling on Legacy became such a bore I set my sights on just becoming apart of the community, and making piles of money. For a few months, I did just that, hanging out in chat whenever I could over the summer, and saving up to 40k plus. In my time spent not leveling I also got the role of chat mod, which was awesome, but quickly got annoying since I was being depended on so much (chat was really active at this time). Eventually I began to level again, since school was picking up again for most, I still hadn’t had a job, and was bored out of my mind with everything else on Legacy. I made it to level 61 before becoming a Staff member.


When I started Legacy I was put into Outcasts, which was awesome since my brother, and 6Vincent6 were both in it. I wasn’t really known in Outcasts until nearing the end of my stay there, which because of a ton of petty drama that unfolded force me to leave and try out something new. When I left Outcasts I headed right for Dark Flame, since It was talked about with Food, and 6Vincent6 a lot it seemed like the perfect place to go. My stay in Dark Flame lasted until I was hired as a Staff member, every minute in Dark Flame I loved, the people were great, the leaders were great, and it was nothing like the image everyone made it out to be.


I am a member of four clans in Legacy.

  • Outcast Mentors, rank: Taskmaster
  • Secret Clan!
  • Umbrella Corp, rank: Agent HUNK
  • Hells Angels, rank: Angel of Death

I am not going to leave any of these clans, so please don’t send me an invites.


I am no longer the Graphics Administrator on Legacy. I was hired for the position of Graphics Officer a few days before my birthday in 2007 (I believe it was October 18-19th). I was later promoted to Graphics Admin, following some recent Staff firings. My jobs as Graphics Admin. Included uploading new character designs, and updating old character designs for the players to pick and choose as they wish. Most of my inspiration comes from games I play, movies and TV shows I watch, and from player given ideas. On September 7th I decided to leave the staff team, as I no longer had time to make graphics, was grown tired of some new rules in place for staff, and over all just bored (especially when I like to play at work). DEV no longer became the fix to my boredom, so I made the jump back to being a player.


On the Development server I had made it to level 80, and was the leader of Dark Flame. So far on their I have broken the highest amount a player has ever had in credits (having well over 1 million), though it is 2000 turns every hours there. Dark Flames goal was to finally one square every gang in Wasteland, and claim our throne as the Wasteland rulers.. sadly though with a change Zorg had added, that goal became impossible.

Misc. Gaming Information

  • PS3:

Username - TsuKun

  • DS:

Animal Crossing 5198-2032-2377 Name: Korey Town Name: Nolan

Rune Factory has to look it up

Pokemon Pearl 3952-4807-5931

Luminous Arc 2621-2513-3939

Phantom Hourglass has to look it up

Final Fantasy 3 has to look it up

Bleach: The Blade of Fate 0602-6443-8861

  • Wii:

2805 9280 5208 4476

Brawl Code:


  • PC:

Guild Wars

Username - Ultima The Corrupt

I’m a level 19 Mesmer/Monk.



I have earned the following banners when I was a player on Legacy:

  • G2 banner.png A true gangster from before the game's name change.
  • 2year banner.png Awarded on May 9th for the 2 year anniversary.
  • 3year banner.png Awarded on May 5th for the 3 year anniversary.
  • Graphics banner.png Helping with the in game graphics.
  • Kills banner.png Getting in the top 10 most wins for the week.
  • Hunt banner.png Getting in the top 10 most hunting points for the week.
  • Deaths banner.png Getting in the top 10 most losses for the week.
  • Hunting1 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Lisha.
  • Hunting2 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Big Al.
  • Hunting3 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Zaphar.
  • Hunting4 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Sythe.
  • Hunting5 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Seraph.
  • Hunting6 banner.png Defeating the special NPC Cerb.
  • Voting banner.png Voting for the game 100 times.
  • Voting banner2.png Voting for the game 500 times.
  • Voting banner3.png Voting for the game 1000 times.
  • Voting banner4.png Voting for the game 2000 times.
  • Chat banner.png Spending 5 days in Online Chat.
  • Chat banner2.png Spending 10 days in Online Chat.
  • Chat banner3.png Spending 20 days in Online Chat.
  • Chat banner4.png Spending 40 days in Online Chat.
  • Subscribe banner.png If you subscribe to the game.

Favorite Quotes

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{3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3{3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 
{3 {3 {3 {3 {3{3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3{3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3 {3
20:54:09 [deathmourn] >.>
20:54:10 [deathmourn] oops
20:54:27 deathmourn waits for the kick and cringes
20:54:39 User deathmourn has been banned. 
23:34:07 [Gambit] F*** i lost the game  
23:34:10 [Gambit] OH C***
23:34:15 [Gambit] no censor!
23:34:19 [Gambit] Tsu im sorry 
23:34:33  Tsukasa say sorry again
23:34:38 [Gambit] sorry
23:34:41 Tsukasa muahaha
23:34:43 Tsukasa and again?
23:34:47 [Gambit] sorry!
23:34:52 Tsukasa now say it in caps!
23:34:57 [Gambit] SORRY
23:35:05 Tsukasa and add a heart 
23:35:10 Tsukasa tell me you love me
23:35:13 [Gambit] Sorry ♥ 
23:35:16 [Gambit] I LOVE YOU
23:35:26 Tsukasa i love being staff!
23:35:31 Tsukasa tell me you want me
23:35:37 [Gambit] I want your body! 
23:35:46 [Gambit] MMM.....your turnin me on right now you sexy stud!
23:35:56 Gambit moans 
23:35:56 Tsukasa oh my
23:36:03 Tsukasa didnt ask for that, but ill play along    
23:36:12 [Gambit] oh man...your makin me horny Tsu!
23:36:25 Tsukasa i guess being staff has perks!
23:36:29 Gambit tackles Tsu and pins him on the ground
23:36:31 Tsukasa i make players gay    
23:36:48 [Gambit] wait...your a guy...I thought yo were a chick 
23:36:54 Tsukasa HAHAHAHA
21:22:20 [Tsukasa] We are so creepy
21:22:24 [NaziHalo] i know    
21:22:27 [maddoctor] tell me about it
21:22:29 NaziHalo puts on her social reject hat
23:28:59 [Hommie] Tsukasa's mom is a MILF! 
23:32:28 [Tsukasa] ._.
23:38:18 [Chris] ROFL
23:39:53 [6Vincent6] Tsukasa's mom.....milf?.....*shivers*    
23:40:14 [Tsukasa] dont make fun of your boss!
23:42:27 [Shover3d] O.O ?    
23:43:08 [Tsukasa] my mom is vincents boss    
23:46:17 [Chris] 03:40:18 [Tsukasa] dont make fun of your boss
23:46:27 [Chris] So you want him to be sexually attracted to your mum?
02:04:41 [Tsukasa] madd what did jiggy do wrong 
02:04:57 [maddoctor] Beep everyone in chat after i told him not to. 
02:05:02 [jiggy] I said Hi to everbody 
02:05:22 User ZeroRie has logged in. 
02:05:26 [jiggy] 02:01:18 [jiggy] Hello Ikuorai, IpwnNOOBS, jiggy, Larse, LordofD, Shover3d and SHYSTA 
02:05:29 [jiggy] crap balls 
02:05:31 [maddoctor] ..   
02:05:35 [maddoctor] stop it 
02:05:36 [jiggy] sorry sorry 
02:05:44 [jiggy] I just wanted to show what I done 
16:38:18 [Tsukasa] brb
16:38:21 [Naddral] i if i was emo
16:38:22 [Phantom] they all look the same to me    
16:38:22 [Tsukasa] gotta fill up the pool
16:38:27 [Tsukasa] and use the phone    
16:38:32 [Naddral] the hair would be on my eyes and i would be liek deathmourn
16:38:36 [maddoctor] ..
16:38:37 [maddoctor] LMAO
16:39:07 [Phantom]    XD
16:39:10 User SuperEmo has logged in.
16:39:15 [Tsukasa] hahahaha
16:39:15 [Phantom]    XD
16:39:16 [maddoctor] .. XD    
16:39:16 [Naddral] ROFL
16:39:17 [Phantom] LOL
00:54:18 [maddoctor] Feast on my heart    
00:54:25 [Tsukasa] you have no heart
03:31:33 [Gambit] HOLY SHNOZEBERIES BAT MAN! i smell a 3som? no 4 som! Me Nazi Bella And Heggs
03:31:40 [NaziHalo] sorry i dont share
03:31:46 [Gambit] DAMMIT
03:31:49 [Gambit] ill watch then
03:31:56 [NaziHalo] no sorry, girls only in the girls room
03:32:04 [Gambit] ...oh what about just me and you?
03:32:13 [NaziHalo] sorry, girls only in the girls room
03:32:35 [Gambit] ...what about my room?
03:32:42 [NaziHalo] sorry im allergic to cat
03:32:49 [Gambit] i dont have a cat
03:32:58 [NaziHalo] no but you are a pussy    
03:33:03 NaziHalo hides from the pun police
03:33:04 [Tsukasa] HAHAHAHA
03:33:06 [Gambit] Prove it
03:33:06 [Tsukasa] BURNED!
23:29:15 Tsukasa changes his bedding to leopard print
23:29:17 [Tsukasa] lol
23:29:20 Tsukasa feels sexy
23:29:21 [Nitrous] >.>   
23:29:32 [Nitrous] Tsu,    
23:29:45 [Tsukasa] I really do have leopard print    
23:29:57 [Nitrous] dude, send me a pic with you in a zebra print thong!
23:30:12 [Nitrous] that would be awsome
23:30:31 [Nitrous] zebra print thong on a leopard print bedding >.>
23:30:39 [Tsukasa] a boy
23:30:44 [Tsukasa] isnt that icky?    
23:30:46 [Nitrous] you are?
23:30:53 [Heggs] that's just too much
23:30:58 [Tsukasa] lmao
23:30:59 Kovalis vomits 
23:31:07 [Tsukasa] S'why you called me dude
02:46:14 [Tsukasa] not nearly as straight as i though i was 
[TGame] i bet G2 breaks down when GW goes live
[Tsukasa] same
[TGame] there has already been some major bugs
[Tsukasa] lag is going to hit us like puberty
[TGame] yep
01:32:07 [Guest74145] well im off for the night
01:32:10 [Guest74145] HD :O
01:32:16 [HappyDays] .
01:32:17 [Tsukasa]  :O a rare site
01:32:20 [ZeroRie] nada bro whats up with you
01:32:22 Tsukasa grabs a masterball
20:38:16 [Pie] I wear tracksuits...
Yeah, so I finally downloaded Spore Creature Creator the full version and came up with a creature that eats out its ass! 
Which also means it talks out of its ass, so I called it Maddoctor. Seemed to fit, can't think why.