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Name Change
This player recently changed their name from xShinenRye to Kage, if you have any queries please contact the Wiki Admin.

About Me


Account Name : Kage Avatar # : 519

Personal Info

Well, I guess the first thing I should say is welcome to my user page. My account name is xShinenRye, how I came up with that name, I do not know... My real name is William, so that's a fairly normal name, just to make up for the silly account name that was kinda random. I originally wanted to name my character xPremonition, because it's my IGN in another game, but it wouldn't fit.

I've been playing on this account since around early march/late february? I'm not sure really, but why I say on this account is because I've had several other accounts before this one. My eldest brother actually was the one that got me to play this game, his account name was artix003. I believe my first account was Killer003, which I made around 2005/2006(?), it was when the game was still named Gangsterz2. My next few accounts were these: Tempest and willkill. I would say, I got around between level 20 and 40 on those accounts, and had the accounts deleted for inactivity. I wish I had stayed on one of my original accounts so I actually had the banners and badges and probably other stuff too.

Now for actual, personal info...XD. Uhm okay, so I like cookies a lot, especially homemade cookies. I especially like chocolate chip cookies, and ginger cookies. I'm actually a bit of a gamer too, not really though. Examples of games I played would be : League of Legends, Final Fantasy (7,8,10,12), Legend of Gaia. Don't really wanna list them all, but that's all I could think of at the moment.

Previous Character Designs

Forum Signature


Previous Signatures


Random Stuff

XShinenRyeRandom.JPG This was a picture entry that I made for a Dark Flame competition that BebeDoll hosted. Funny thing is, was that I was the single entry and won everything xD. (October 20-31 2011)

(Quick Description of the picture: It's a road sign to the hive. The small blade on the top right corner represents the gang Blade of Dawn, the green stain on the left corner represents the gang Outcasts, and the blood-like written DF represents the gang Dark Flame. I originally intended to leave out the DF on the bottom right corner because I already had the DF Logo on my name as the dot on the " i ", but it was a part needed for the competition. I had the canvas sitting empty in my room, so i used it lol.)