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Player History

Name Maxpower Real Name Connor
Birthday 24th October Age 17
Gender Male Location United Kingdom
Rank Player Guide Gang Outcast

-About Me- 
-Player History-
-Gang History- 
-Thank You-

A long long time ago... Back in primary school a couple of my mates played this game called Legacy, funny right?
They then proceed to show me what this game was, and funnily enough, 8 years later, I am still playing it lol. 
As I said, I have been playing all together for a good 8 years, I have had previous accounts but... They got either deleted, or perm banned.
My track record for Legacy isn't the best that It could possibly be, I had a couple multi's at one point, swearing etc, the usual.
My first ever account got deleted for not logging on after 80 days, so when I eventually started playing again I made this account 'maxpower'.
Ever since then, I have behaved and haven't been banned since, so that is basically the back story to how I started Legacy.