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Kukuku, The noob Legend of Legacy. Been around for a few years, not gonna waste my time with this because I know Ima suck at it, so I'm gonna keep this short.

So, if you guys know me before my account was deleted, I wasn't this much of an retard. When I joined Legacy it was right before the Gangs were implemented, I quit for awhile and rejoined under a new account with the same username as the old called "Bladedoom"' I didn't remember much and got DMaster to mentor me and teach me how to use legacy, I rose through the ranks quickly and became friends with a lot of the Oldbies. I had NOOOOO Idea that I would lose my computer and everyone on Legacy excluding Dmaster and Hellgiver forgot me. Reminds me of Eminem's 'Toy Soldiers'. Anywho, I rejoined and tried leveling up and rising through the ranks, but I didn't have the time, computer, nor want to do it. I gave up after figuring out that people were trolls, and it was basically useless for me to try. So I became the noob I act as today, because theres no Point in me being here yet I feel a need to stay. Dunno what it is, loyalty? Anyways I've always been DF, used to get DF to help out TC a bit, which again no one remembers, so w/e. I used to be in G and G2, but your gonna have to figure out whom I was back then. Good luck with that.