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The Chapter/Past Events

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Below is a collection of the past events The Chapter has run in the past, these include the various seasonal events and other mundane events that have been deemed worthy to be place into the history.

Halloween 2015

The Halloween event for 2015 was titled Halloweenies and was ran by Wolf included a Costume contest with short story and the group picture

Character halloweenies.png
007Ben Halloween.png
Anialator Halloween.png
"I am myself using cloak, fun fact, all cloaked avatars are running around the Wasteland in the nude, as the cloak affects only our bodies, not our clothes and weaponry!"
Demionskar Halloween.png
"So my halloween charecter is Gambit the Star Pooper he was a Storm Trooper Recruit thats head was too big for his helmet and couldn't complete his training because he was usualy in the pooper...... One day on a routine patrol of a exotic planet they found a hive, when all of a sudden Gambit needed to go to the pooper . Unbeknownst to Gambit he had been in the pooper for so long his group got into their star destoyers and left.

To this day no one knows what took him so long in that pooper, but i do

Wanna know what he was doing in that pooper maybe i will tell you someday but remember dont take too long in the pooper or you might just find yourself stranded like the Gambit the Staf Pooper."
Drakeaniha Halloween.png
"I'm sexual harassment panda zombie and this is my lovely pile of skulls."
ExDeath Halloween.png
"Ghost Jester!"
Jerv Halloween.png
"It's called "Trick or Treat", with the trick being my TC phoenix will peck your eyes out and the treat being beneath my fig leaf "
Larse Halloween.png
Lynx Halloween.png
Ninobrown Halloween.png
"I uz tc iron man cause every gang needs there superhero"
Pjaymoney Halloween.png
"just hope i dont scare the kids with my leaf"
Renshi Halloween.png
SMK Halloween.png
"It's been working here for 6 months and he/she/it is still nameless, however it has been known to respond to "Steve". You would think that there would be some sort of face/head region inside of that gigantic scuba mask, but it's just empty space. It constantly emanates an ominous buzzing or ticking sound. Every day during lunch, we never get to hear it speak, but we do know it likes snack packs.

Fun Fact! A lot of us have been talking and we've come to the consensus that this being is, in fact, a human shell filled with thousands of spiders.

Take a look at these notes that some of us have turned into HR."

This one is from Wolf: "I can literally see spiders crawling around inside his clothes."

This is from Larse: "How could you have hired this MONSTROSITY??!!"

And this one has no name on it: "He am not spider. He man."
ThreeDog Halloween.png