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Original Creator: Anialator

Date: November 29th 2011

This book will contain various images you are free to use in your signature, they are all created by TC's members. Below each image is the address in which you can find them. Just copy and paste it into your signature and enclose the link in image tags.

If you have a signature you'd like to be added, PM a council member.

Most of the signatures are gone, we tried to save as many by uploading them to the wiki, the signatures you see below are those who could be saved. Feel free to use them!

750daystcc.jpg 800daystc.jpg 850daystc.jpg 950daystc.jpg

1star.jpg 3star.jpg 4star.jpg 5star.jpg

Wasteland awards:

5kCannonFoodercheck-1.png 10kFighter.png 20kSoldier.png 30kHero.png 40kConquerer.png 50kWastelandgodstroke.png

Other signatures:





If you have any signatures you would like to get added to this page, please let a member of council know! Thanks!