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The Chapter

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Arbitrator/Leader: Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.


Rank Description Name(s) Description
Leader (1) : Arbitrator Hydra Council elected figurehead, spokesmen and leader of the gang.
Council (5) : Elder Council Hydra, UnicornBob, Renshi, Thekrays, Mewtwo Member elected council, make all decisions about the gang.
Ambassador (1) : Chaplain k3nny In charge of diplomatic relations and communication with other gangs.
Enforcer (1) : Chamber Marshall Lynx Upholder of gang rules, judge, jury and executioner.
War Advisor (1) : War Master Anialator In charge of offensive strategies against enemy gangs.
Economic Advisor (1) : Librarian ThugNASA Member of the gang leadership and assistant to the council.
Novice Master (1) : Training Master hunter8 In charge of novices and novice helpers.
Novice Helpers (5) : Trainer Tharn, Vuris, Sod666, Kabios23 Dedicated to helping new members learn the ropes.
Rank 10 : Champion N/A Possibly older and more popular than the council members.
Rank 9 : Vindicator N/A Old as dirt and been in this gang since he was a little kid.
Rank 8 : Sentinel N/A Long time member of the gang and all around old guy.
Rank 7 : Knight N/A Popular member who has received a lot of gang favor.
Rank 6 : Paladin N/A Dedicated member that can apply for leadership positions within the gang.
Rank 5 : Disciple N/A Veteran member, with the power to cast judgement on other people's actions.
Rank 4 : Warrior N/A Full member, can help make decisions. No chance of leadership yet though.
Rank 3 : Servant N/A New member, however still with little say over gang politics.
Rank 2 : Newborn N/A Basic member access, no real say in the running of the gang.
Rank 1 : Wanderer N/A Novice rank and entry rank for new members of the gang.

Basic Info

The Chapter, one of the four main gangs in the gang system on Legacy, derived its name from a previous gang with the same name in the old gang system. It was run by Deeg, who later became staff, and perhaps not coincidentally, the staff representative for the new Chapter.

Along with The Chapter, three other gangs emerged. They were Blade of Dawn, Outcasts, and The Chapter's mortal enemy; Dark Flame.

Extra Links

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TC Werewolves Game 1 run by Zerocomman, Game 2 run by ExDeath and Game 3 run by Pascal.

First Council

The first council was: Ross, Pink, Cartoon, Cannon and Primie.

Staff Rep


FatTony is the staff rep for this gang, it's his job to make sure the gang is running smoothly and deal with issues that gang leadership can not handle.

Past Reps:

The Purge

During the contest against cartoon by Skorne, jake012089, Testament and Necria for a council position, many ideas to improve the gang were brought forward for debate. The idea which drew most attention was one from Necria, that the gang should undertake an extensive review of its membership and kick from the gang anybody who obviously did not play the game anymore or were providing cheap experience to other gangs by not equipping weapons and armor.

The topic was discussed at length in The Chapter's Members Forum, with several members questioning whether the benefits of such an action would be worth coming last in the gang level rankings. However, most people believed that such a purge would have a two-fold effect; it would deprive Dark Flame and Blade of Dawn of easy wins, as well as providing more targets for Chapter members. These people felt that the total gang level would prove meaningless when gang warfare came out, and it would be far more important to have good quality, active members.

A referendum was put up by the council to decide whether the purge should go ahead. In the end, the results were decisive, 72% in favor of the idea, 17% against it and 11% undecided.


Thus, soon after the results came in, members of the gang began collating lists of people who were eligible to be kicked (following a strict set of criteria). These lists were reviewed by a third party, then members who were still on the list were either kicked straight away if still rank 1 or put to a council vote for kicking.

When the other gangs realised what was happening, they either followed suit to a certain extent or complained to Zorg. Believing that they had followed correct procedure The Chapter defended their actions, stating that xjoewhitex, their staff rep at the time, would have seen such a prominent topic being debated in the forums, and have reported the idea to Zorg who, they felt, had given tacit approval by not commenting on it.

However, it soon became clear that Zorg had not been informed of the purge and that he would not allow the action. The recently kicked members were reinstated to the gang, council votes were closed and xjoewhitex was removed from being staff rep for The Chapter (he later quit staff to become a player.)

Despite initial dismay and frustration on the part of many members in the gang, most accepted Zorg's decision. There were many positives to come out of the situation. It showed that the gang was unified in its objectives and its realization that the total level was a relatively meaningless statistic. It served as a spur to focus attention on training up newer members to keep them active and well equipped. Finally, it showed that the gang was organised, efficient and could make tough decisions when needed.


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