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Smilies/Online Chat

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Please note: This System (Online Chat) has been removed but many Emoticons/Smilies have been retained for use within the Side Chat and Wasteland Chat

System Removed
This article is about a system/item in or around the game that has been removed. Any information on this page may be out of date. It's just kept for historical purposes!

Online Chat Smiley Code
Smiley 1.gif
Smiley 2.gif
Smiley 3.gif
Smiley 4.gif
Smiley 5.gif
Smiley 6.gif
Smiley 7.gif
Smiley 8.gif
Smiley 9.gif
Smiley 10.gif
Smiley 11.gif
Smiley 12.gif
Smiley 13.gif
Smiley 14.gif
Smiley 15.gif
Smiley 16.gif
Smiley 17.gif
Smiley 18.gif
Smiley 19.gif
Smiley 20.gif
Smiley 21.gif
Smiley 22.gif
Smiley 23.gif
Smiley 24.gif
Smiley 25.gif
Smiley 26.gif
Smiley 27.gif
Smiley 28.gif
Smiley 29.gif
Smiley 30.gif
Smiley 31.gif
Smiley 32.gif
Smiley 33.gif
Smiley 34.gif
Smiley 35.gif
Smiley 36.gif
Smiley 37.gif
Smiley 38.gif
Smiley 39.gif
Smiley 40.gif
Smiley 41.gif
Smiley 42.gif
Smiley 43.gif
Smiley 44.gif