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{{Sidebox|Image:SF_TransferEx.png|An image of the XP Transfer function.}}
{{Sidebox|Image:SF_TransferEx.png|An image of the XP Transfer function.}}

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Welcome to the Shadow Forge Library

An image of the XP Transfer function.


You have gathered enough power in the forge to unlock a new function. Great job, Alpha Prime. I will now explain how this function works.

A new function

Granted this is a useful function, it is not something that should be done without careful consideration. As you may have seen in the example to the right, there are various stipulations for being able to use this function. First and foremost is that:

The source item must have a level requirement greater than or equal to that of the target item.

The reason for this is because it requires a great deal more skill to use higher quality items. It'd be like saying a normal pistol is on the same level as a rift gun in terms of skill to use.

Now unfortunately this is not a perfect process no matter how you go about it. Even if it is the exact same item you are attempting to transfer XP to. So you will experience a loss regardless of how you use this function. The various losses are as follows:

75% xp transferred if target item is the same as the source item.
Such as Rift Gun to a Rift Gun
50% xp transferred if target item is in the same Type as source item.
Such as Void Sword to a Core Staff
25% xp transferred if transferring to a different class of item.
Such as Core Staff to a Rift Gun

One thing to note in all of this is this process is all denoted by the literal amount of XP you want to transfer from the source item to the target item. So if you want to give only enough XP from the source item that does not reduce the level of it, you will need to calculate how much XP that will be before transferring any XP.