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Raids are a new mode, introduced by Aldo late in 2018. It consists of a grid similar to the wasteland where the player moves around, fights monsters, and tries to complete an overarching objective(s).

Raid Intro

A Raid's preview was released to the public, upon completion of the Raid the player would receive an Observer piece of clothing & a new ingame title which read 'Observer'.

Some preview images of a Raid.

Raid prev 1.png Raid prev 2.png Raid prev 3.png Raid prev 4.png Observer

While going through this solo Raid, these messages will pop up in the player's chat box until you greet The Observer.

This is your future.
This is also your past.
This is what you will become.
We do not interfere.
We only observe.
But now you have observed.
Will you interfere?
Tell me...

Christmas Raid

Aldo introduced a Christmas Raid as the first real raid, during Christmas of 2018. This raid featured a variety of objectives that could be completed, and offered very good rewards. It had it's own set of crafting items that involved baking pies.

Strange Hives

Strange Hives is a series of raids introduced some time after the removal of the Christmas Raid. After so many completions of Strange Hives I, the player unlocks Strange Hives II.

Strange Hives I


Strange Hives II