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Why More Info
"I wanted to add a new dimension of gameplay experience to legacy beyond just The Hive and Wasteland. The raid system serves this purpose of providing a new way to experience content and events in the game while also enabling us to expand on the lore in fun ways." - Aldo Raids have their own forum on Legacy, you should post any questions not answered here, there.
What Other Pages
A feature of Legacy. Raids Rewards

This page is being initially created, or is in the process of an expansion or major restructuring. You are welcome to assist in its construction by editing it as well. Please be patient while this process takes place.

Aldo formally released raids on December 23rd 2018 with "A Very Merry Realm."
Raids work on a grid system, similar to the wasteland, where the player moves around, fights NPCs, and tries to complete comprehensive objectives.

If you are looking for details like drops, raid cost or completion rewards check Raids/Rewards.
This page will help guide you through raids, but if you have any further questions check the raid forum.

Basic Information


  • Spacebar - attack first enemy in area presence list.
  • Arrow keys / WASD - movement.
  • E - use/interact with the current building/object on the square.
  • Enter - highlights the chat box to type a message, pressing enter again will send and deselect the box.


  • Raids don't consume energy while attacking or moving, but you may have to pay some as a cost to enter. Credits or other materials may also be required.
  • Someone in a raid can't be attacked by someone who is in the hive or the wasteland.
  • You can't be in a raid for longer than 30 minutes.
  • Some raids reset hourly, daily, or weekly, and all raids have a cool-down at 30 minute intervals on server time.
  • While NPCs can still drop item rewards when defeated, to receive that item you have to complete the raid and you'll see any items dropped on the rewards page.
  • Leaving a raid before finishing an objective will mean you have to wait 5 minutes before entering another raid, subsequent leaving stacks another 5 minutes (to a max of 15 minutes.)
  • Raids have their own page in the Hall of Records which has leaderboards for both number of completions and fastest completion times.
  • Some raids disable item xp, others do not. Read the description to be sure.
  • If you die or leave a public raid you can re-enter up to a certain point, however any xp or item drops will be lost.
  • If you were in a public raid but die and it is completed before you rejoin you will not receive anything, include the hourly/daily/weekly rewards.

Strange Hives

Level Name Prerequisite Trinkets Description
50 Strange Hives 1 N/A N/A Strange living structures have shown up just outside our hive. Gang headquarters that once remained dormant there have all suddenly disappeared and in their place, these strange hives remain. Hive Gatekeepers guard the path into this region but for a price, you might be able to get through.
75 Strange Hives 2 Complete Strange Hives I a number of times, the lowest reported is 16 but some have reported as high as 40. Hive egg
smash all 50 eggs
After investigating the first few strange hives that popped up, you realize that there is perhaps a much larger underground structure or network that is connected to the hives above the surface. The only thing left to do now is to jump right into the hole left behind one and figure out what secrets are inside.

The Ritual (Public, Hourly)

  • Prerequisite - ???
  • Description - Strange cultist activity has been detected beyond the outskirts of the hive.
  • Trinkets - N/A

Periodically a name is announced, it is then up to players to find the blood crazed with that name and defeat him.
Once that is done someone (it can be anyone, not just the person who killed the named blood crazed) has to go to the alien artefact in the south west corner and activate it.
After doing that 4 times the center of the map is unblocked, once someone enters the same square as a cultist all 4 will transform into a Behemoth, defeat them.
Once all 4 Behemoths are defeated the Hive Queen spawns in the center of where they were, she's stronger than the Behemoths so keep an eye on your health while fighting her.
After she's defeated you are teleported into a chamber with Behemoths and the Hive Queen, however the raid is over, there's nothing to do there.

Notes -
In the north-center of the map there is a field hospital which you can heal at twice, for 80hp each time.

Help complete this guide - Confirm the xp amount on each weekly reward. Confirm AA and field hospital coordinates.

Strange Hives III (Weekly)

  • Prerequisite - ???
  • Description - ???
  • Trinkets - ???

This raid has been added/announced but not yet released.


XP Challenge: War Machine (Daily)

  • Prerequisite - N/A
  • Description - Rumors have surfaced of a new kind of combat technology in development at X-Corp. You decide to investigate what this technology is exactly. The rumors seem to refer to it as.. Project: War Machine.
  • Trinkets - N/A

This raid is very straight forward because it's intended purely to help people trying to level.
As you enter head north and you'll see the War Machine, when you defeat it, carry on north through the teleporter.
This process repeats itself numbers times, with each new War Machine being stronger then the last.

Notes -
There are also broken teleports in the south-east corner of each level, these have no known purpose.

Help complete this guide - Confirm each level of the War Machines.

Event Raids

A Very Merry Realm (Christmas)

  • Prerequisite - N/A
  • Description - An unidentified flying object that previously crashed just outside the hive was identified to be a sleigh. When you went to investigate, you found a heavily injured little elf. His last words were "Ride the sleigh and save us from him.. from the fake Santa."
  • Trinkets - Krampus Klauz's Hood - random drop from Krampus . Grandma's Snow Globe - defeat Granny H once. . Rudolph's Antlers - random drop from Rudolph.

This raid is hidden at the time of this raid page update so information needed isn't readily available.

The Return Of Shadress (Public, Halloween, Hourly)

  • Prerequisite - N/A
  • Description - Shadress is back... let's show her the door.
  • Trinkets - N/A

When you enter this raid there are only 6 open squares with Shadress roaming them.
The only objective is to defeat her, but she is strong so it's recommended to have 2/3+ players working together.
It has been suggested this will be changed/replaced next Halloween to have more content.


Raid Teaser

End view (click to enlarge)
Observer cloak reward

On June 15th 2018 (over 6 months before its release) a preview of raids was made public.
This still can be started by talking to Ventrix through the hunting page.

Upon completing the teaser you will receive an "Observer cloak" for your character (pictured to the right,) also a title which reads "Observer."
Matt770 being the very first person to complete the teaser was given an unique title which reads "The First Observer."

The teaser is small and has a set path to take. Along that path there are a couple of static "enemies," they do not react or attack you but you can attack and defeat them.
Also as you progress forward you receive the following messages in the log of what's happening in the raid:

  • This is your future.
  • This is also your past.
  • This is what you will become.
  • We do not interfere.
  • We only observe.
  • But now you have observed.
  • Will you interfere?
  • Tell me...
  • ..Observer.

At the end of the raid you meet Ventrix and have the option to "observe."
Further lore since has suggested this is Ventrix making you an Observer.