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Raids.png Why More Info
##awaiting quote from Aldo as to what he wanted to bring with raids## Raids have their own forum on Legacy, you should post any questions not answered here, there.
What Other Pages
A feature of Legacy. Raids Rewards

Aldo formally released raids on December 23rd 2018 with "A Very Merry Realm."
Raids work on a grid system, similar to the wasteland where the player moves around, fight monsters, and try to complete comprehensive objectives.

If you are looking for details like drops, raid cost or completion rewards check Raids/Rewards.
If you are looking for guidance through a raid check the raid forum, players frequently make in-depth guides when each raid is released.

Basic Raids Information

  • Raids do not consume energy.
  • Someone in a raid can not be attacked by someone in the hive.
  • You can not be in a raid longer then 30 minutes.
  • All resets (hourly, daily, weekly and the 30 minute cool-down) all happen on server ticks.
  • While NPCs can still drop item rewards when defeated, to receive that item you have to complete the raid and you'll get the item on the rewards page.
  • Leaving a raid before finishing an objective will mean you have to wait 5 minutes before entering another raid, subsequent leaving stacks another 5 minutes (to a max of 15 minutes.)
  • Raids have their own page in the Hall of Records which has leaderboards for both number of completions and fastest completion times.

  • Spacebar/ enter - attack first enemy in area presence list.
  • Arrow keys/ WASD - movement.
  • E - use/interact with the current building/object on the square.

Aberrant Paint

Aldo also did artwork for a number of items which were released as a paint, unique to raids.

This paint is also unique in the fact it isn't brought with platinum. Depending on the item you wish to paint, it is obtained from a number of places.

  • Non-avatar equipment can be found dropped in Strange Hives I, or chaos armor paint can be brought from the casino shop.
  • Misc items can be found in the warfare shop.
  • Weapons and armor can be found in crystal exchange, however these need to be crafted which requires, among other things, 2 aberrant dye. Aberrant dye can currently only be found in Strange Hives II, but is arguably the rarest item in the whole game.

Raid Teaser

End view (click to enlarge)
Observer cloak reward

On June 15th 2018 (over 6 months before its release) a preview of raids was made public.
This still can be started by talking to Ventrix through the hunting page.

Upon completing the teaser you will receive an "Observer cloak" for your character (pictured to the right,) also a title which reads "Observer."
Matt770 being the very first person to complete the teaser was given an unique title which reads "The First Observer."

The teaser is small and it has a set path to take. Along that path there are a couple of static "enemies," they do not react or attack you but you can attack and defeat them.
Also as you progress forward you receive the following messages in the log of what's happening in the raid:

  • This is your future.
  • This is also your past.
  • This is what you will become.
  • We do not interfere.
  • We only observe.
  • But now you have observed.
  • Will you interfere?
  • Tell me...
  • ..Observer.

At the end of the raid you meet Ventrix and have the option to "observe."
Further lore since has suggested this is Ventrix making you an Observer, whatever that could mean.

A Very Merry Realm

A couple of days before Christmas in 2018, raids were officially added to Legacy. Because it was added so close to Christmas "A Very Merry Realm" remained in-game until January 7th 2019.

This particular raid had several "completion" conditions. Most of which, because of the strength of most of the bosses, you had to choose which path you were going to take.

The most popular path people aimed for was to defeat Granny H, because she could drop any of the tier 1 equipment you can craft in the Crystal exchange.
To get to her was also a challenge however, you would have to get crafting materials from the weaker enemies in the raid to create a pie, which would fill you with enough Christmas spirit to summon her.

Trinkets: Krampus Klauz's Hood - random drop from Krampus | Grandma's Snow Globe - defeat Granny H once. | Rudolph's Antlers - random drop from Rudolph.

Strange Hives

To unlock Strange Hives II you have to complete Strange Hives I a number of times, the lowest reported is around 30 but some have said it has taken 40 or even more for it to unlock for them. Aldo has confirmed it's random, with a minimum and that it gets increasingly more probable to unlock the more you complete it.

Strange Hives I

Strange Hives I was added as the first permanent raid on January 9th 2019, a couple days after A Very Merry Realm was removed.

Long before raids were possibly even started to be coded, Aldo had a wasteland event in which "strange hives" appeared along side "strange insects."
These raids explore that further by actually entering one of those hives.

This raid is a lot simpler then the first. The objective is to destroy 4 towers which sit randomly in any of the 8 positions, after this you head to a main tower but "Cultist Roz" tries to stop you, once you defeat him and head to the main tower it sinks below the ground (where Strange Hives II takes place) which is the end of the raid.

Trinkets: none.

Strange Hives II

Strange Hives II Map (click to enlarge)

Not long after Strange Hives I, II was released on January 12th 2019. Which gave players plenty of time to complete I enough times to unlock II.

In this raid you find yourself going down the whole created at the end of Strange Hives I.
However Strange Hives II has a much, much larger map and a lot of teleporters, which at first could be daunting and confusing. However UnicornBob mapped out all the information you would need (pictured right.)

The main objective is to defeat "King Behemoth." He can be frustrating, although not particularly strong every time you attack him he has a chance to run to a different location.

It didn't take Aldo long to bring back multiple paths for a raid. In Strange Hives II you can collect power cells scattered around the map to power up a radiation cannon. Doing that would shake the hive and reveal 50 eggs which you can smash.
After smashing 10 eggs an "Abration" appears, then again after smashing 30 eggs it reappears in a new location.
This path is often preferred because Aberations have a chance to drop aberrant dye, a rare ingredient for aberrant paint.

Trinkets: Hive egg - smash all 50 eggs.