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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch7

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Survivor List
  • dk16
  • bongo17
  • Zorg
  • reloaded
  • Garibaldi
  • cheeza
  • Doddsy_boi
  • Seifer
  • fiction
  • SuperCLG
  • jkjace
  • -Jake-
  • deeg
  • Vivec
  • aijdko07/koko
  • flaris
  • Steve
  • Mocha
  • Seppuku
  • Raida
  • Nicto10
  • Leblancx
  • Voght
  • The bus driver

"Mocha got pulled into the river!" yelled Cheeza as she ran to where the others were resting.

"What the f--" She was cut off by the sight of 3 bloodstained wolves walking her way. She ran.

The wolves chased after them, but Cheeza ran into Bongo17, flaris and jkjace. Bongo, flaris and jkjace took their battle positions.

Jkjace said "Ready, set, RUN!" They ran as fast as they could down the trail, where they then found the rest of the members.

For some reason, Voght was holding a long stick that he found while walking along the trail. Voght jumped in front of the members of the crew and charged at the wolves. He managed to kill them all, but he severed the end of his pinky during the battle.

"Wow. It worked?" said flaris, amazed that Voght was able to take down 3 wolves with the simplest of weapons: a stick.

Cheeza hugged Voght for saving her, but seeing as Voght had not yet reached sexual maturity, he ran away but tripped over a large stump in the ground. But it was not a stump. It was a body.

It seemed one of the wolves had clawed out Steve's organs while they were watching Voght fight the wolves.

"Who's doing this?" said CLG.

"I don't know," replied flaris, "but if I ever find them, I'm gonna--"

He was cut short by the sight of an arrow nailed to Raida's forehead. Along with the arrow was a note and the 5 of clubs.

The note read...