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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch20

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Survivor List
  • dk16 X
  • bongo17
  • Zorg X
  • reloaded
  • Garibaldi
  • cheeza
  • Doddsy_boi
  • Seifer
  • fiction X
  • SuperCLG X
  • jkjace
  • -Jake-
  • deeg
  • Vivec
  • aijdko07/koko
  • flaris
  • Steve X
  • Mocha X
  • Seppuku
  • Raida X
  • Nicto10 X
  • Leblancx
  • Voght
  • The bus driver X

there was only 5 minutes left... Garibaldi, Flaris, Jkjace, Deeg and Bongo were running out of options. Quickly bongo manned a second cannon and began firing at zorg and the mutants. While Flaris and Bongo were holding Zorg’s army Deeg, Garibaldi and Jkjace went into the small armoury and emerged holding a rocket launcher and 2 RCP-90z. Garibaldi and Jkjace opened fire on the mutants while deeg waited with the rocket launcher for a clear shot at Zorg... T-00:02:54 as soon as Deeg got a clear view of Zorg he fired the first rocket, then he began repeatedly firing into the explosion yelling out “this onez fer’ Voght, Reloaded, dk16...etc.” while this was going on some of the mutants had managed to reach bongo17 and Flaris on the cannons. Flaris watched in horror as a mutant began ripping Bongo’s body parts off , flaris fired his cannon directly for bongo 2 put him out of his misery. T-00:00:58 the 4 survivors looked up into the are, while still firing, they could see the napalm coming straight for them. With no means of escape the crew, with tears in their eyes, continued the brutal assault with no hope of survival. “Good-Bye my friends” said Garibaldi, as the napalm came crashing down... T-00:00:00 GAME OVER! The big red “GAME OVER” flashed on Deeg’s computer screen, “OH-MAN!, I lost?!?” deeg said in disbelief. “How could this happen?” “OH-WELL! Time 4 a new game.....