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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch2

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Survivor List
  • dk16
  • bongo17
  • Zorg
  • reloaded
  • Garibaldi
  • cheeza
  • Doddsy_boi
  • Seifer
  • fiction
  • SuperCLG
  • jkjace
  • -Jake-
  • deeg
  • Vivec
  • aijdko07/koko
  • flaris
  • Steve
  • Mocha
  • Seppuku
  • Raida
  • Nicto10
  • Leblancx
  • Voght
  • The bus driver

The whole group began to panic. People were running everywhere, shouting and screaming...

Then a voice yelled out, “STOP!” Everyone froze, and the man began to talk again, “Everyone calm down. What's going on?” Zorg had just been awakened by the screams of everyone.

Jkjace told Zorg what had happened. There was silence -- the hoots of owls could be heard. Zorg told everyone that they would have to move their campsite in case the creature attacked again.

Everyone began to pack up their tents and belongings. While this was happening, Zorg and Fiction were looking at a map, discussing where to relocate the campsite. After about 20 minutes, everyone was ready to go. Fiction told everyone to get on the bus while he, Zorg, and all the mods helped load it. In about 10 minutes, the bus was on the highway. Most of the campers had gone back to sleep because it was 3:30 in the morning, but Reloaded was still up talking to Garibaldi.

“I don’t get it, what happened to DK?” Reloaded asked in a shaky voice.

“I don’t know,” said Garibaldi, then added, “Just try and get some sleep, OK?”

“Ya,” said Reloaded, and slowly drifted off to sleep.

After some time, the bus driver began to doze off. His eyes closed, and the bus began to go off road. People began to wake up.

When Zorg saw what was happening, he got up and began to walk toward the bus driver, but just as he reached the driver's seat, the bus hit a bump and Zorg was knocked to the back.

The driver opened his eyes and looked around. He yelled, “WHAT IN TARNATION?!” and grasped the wheel, but just then, the bus hit another bump and the driver smacked his head against the horn, knocking him unconscious.

The horn let out a blasting “BBBBEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPpppppppppp.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

By now, everyone was awake and screaming. Zorg made his way to the driver's seat again and took hold of the wheel. The bus was skidding out of control, and two of the tires were popped. Zorg looked up ahead and froze. He saw a cliff. He spun the steering wheel around like a madman, but the bus didn’t turn -- the steering wheel was jammed. The bus flew off the cliff and through the air and then came crashing down. It rolled onto its top and slid into a tree.

Zorg got up and said, “Is everyone OK?”

There was no response.

Again Zorg said, “IS EVERYONE OK?”

Some of the campers said "yes" or "I’m okay" and there were many groans of pain and the sound of someone losing their lunch. Fiction broke open the emergency escape hatch and told everyone to file out of the bus in a calm manner.

After they were outside, Zorg and Fiction went back into the bus to see if everyone had made it out safely. They came back out with the unconscious bus driver.

Fiction said, “Everyone line up! We gotta check if you're all here.” Fiction began to read the names of everyone off a list.

Reloaded looked around him. He saw Garibaldi standing next to him and on the other side was Bongo17. It was hard to see anyone else because it was very dark. Then he felt someone put a hand on his shoulder. He swung around and saw Voght standing behind him.

“I have something to tell you,” Voght said.

Voght told Reloaded that when he was in DK’s tent, he had heard him mumbling in his sleep about Zorg and him being genetically altered by a company called Space Coalition Industries. Voght said that, before DK woke up and started beating him, he said something about him being invincible.

“But how could DK die if he is invincible?” Voght asked in a panicky voice.

“You must be really freaked out, Voght, it was just a dream. Dk isn’t really invincible,” Reloaded told him.

Just then, their conversation was disrupted by Zorg, “Set up your tents and unload the bus. We're gonna stay here tonight, and we’ll decide what to do in the morning. Oh, and we're gonna buddy up in the tents, just so nothing bad happens...”

Reloaded looked around for someone to buddy with. He saw bongo17 standing there without a partner and asked if he wanted to buddy up.

“Ya, I guess so,” Bongo said.

Everyone set up their tents and began to go to sleep. When Reloaded and Bongo17 got into their, tent they didn’t say anything at first.

After a while, bongo said, “I know what Space Coalition Industries is. I overheard you talking to Voght. SCI -- my father used to work there... until...” Bongo stopped in the middle of the sentence.

“Until what?” asked Reloaded. But Bongo said nothing; he was silent.

A few hours later, Bongo17 was awoken by a strange sound coming from outside the tent. He poked his head outside to see what was going on. He saw... he saw... NOTHING. He could hear the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. He went back into the tent and tried to fall asleep, but he couldn’t. About 10 minutes later, bongo heard the same sound as before, but it wasn’t a helicopter.

He heard someone outside coming toward the tent. He nudged Reloaded, and he woke up.

Bongo whispered, “There’s someone coming.”

Reloaded listened and heard the footsteps pass by the tent. He heard someone go into the tent next to them.

“It must have just been someone going to the bathroom,” Reloaded said, “Go back to sleep Bongo.”

Bongo laid his head back on his pillow, but he didn’t sleep. He listened. He heard the sound of someone going into the woods. Just someone going to the bathroom, he thought to himself, but then he heard a blood chilling scream.


Everyone woke up and came outside. Zorg told all of his panicking buddies that the sound was probably nothing -- maybe a wolf. He told them all to go back to sleep, and everyone went back into their tents and fell asleep.

But not Bongo17. He couldn’t sleep; he kept thinking about the footsteps he had heard outside, and the scream. He didn’t sleep for the rest of the night, just stayed awake and thought -- thought about the scream, the footsteps, the forest... he also thought about his friends, his brother, and his dad.

In the morning, when everyone woke up, Zorg began to give people jobs to do with their buddies, like getting firewood and getting the coolers of food out of the bus. When everyone had finished these small chores, they sat down to a very small breakfast and noticed something.

The bus driver was gone.