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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch18

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Survivor List
  • dk16 X
  • bongo17
  • Zorg X
  • reloaded
  • Garibaldi
  • cheeza
  • Doddsy_boi
  • Seifer
  • fiction X
  • SuperCLG X
  • jkjace
  • -Jake-
  • deeg
  • Vivec
  • aijdko07/koko
  • flaris
  • Steve X
  • Mocha X
  • Seppuku
  • Raida X
  • Nicto10 X
  • Leblancx
  • Voght
  • The bus driver X

They ran up the rest of the mountain, stopping where if they kept on running, they would've died falling down a river.

The decided to fight. Flaris still had the pole from before, and Garibaldi and Seifer managed to get a hatchet and a joystick helicopter controller.

Deeg was now delirious and started running around in circles, meanwhile, Flaris had taken out 4 of the mutants. They did not know who was which, because of the slime covering their bodies, so they just whacked them recklessly. Seifer was closing his eyes, holding back the tears and trying to protect the now demented, Deeg. Garibaldi wondered why he grabbed a joystick when he could've gotten the flare gun.

"We're gonna die" said flaris. "Goodbye" said Garibaldi "I'm not giving up shouted Seifer trying to encourage his friends. "Half a minute..." said a voice unfamiliary familiar behind them.

They turned around and...