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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch12

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Voght was thinking to himself in the hummer. So many people had died at this stupid place. It wasn’t fair. He looked around and noticed Cheeza, but lowered his head in shame. Why did he have to act so childish? He didn’t know, and frankly he didn’t care… he made himself look like an idiot. That’s what everyone else saw him as anyways.

Cheeza was sitting in the vehicle as it rushed along the wood’s road, she was still thinking about him. Vivec, the one who had died to save her. Sure, Voght had done something similar, but how could she love someone who didn’t even like to be hugged? She just closed her eyes, and relaxed… it was all she could do to squelch the pain that bubbled up inside of her every now and then.

The others seemed to be not as happy about this situation. One, so many had died in these freak accidents, two anything could be out there… Deeg kept a vigil eye on everything that moved though. He was manning the rear gun really well in the groups opinion. The hummer hit a bump in the road, and suddenly the vehicle slowed down with a lurch. Almost everyone was thrown forward, except Bongo who was wearing his seatbelt.

“Well, that’s what you get for not buckling up!” Bongo chimed in rhythmically, but the group quickly responded.

“Oh, shut UP!” They got sick of his little attitude about the whole situation. They were frightened, and Bongo just acted as if this was some type of game that he could just press ‘reset’ and have everything go back to the way it was. This wasn’t a game, this was life.

The drive, Doddsy_Boi, looked back and shouted.

“What the heck was that?!” Suddenly though something jumped up from the ground and grabbed Deeg around the neck. Deeg had tried firing, but the creature was too quick for him. It brought him screaming to the ground, and then dragged him off into the distance. In his panic Doddsy_Boi sped off, and left Deeg for dead. “Stop!” Voght shouted, but it was no use, the stress had gotten to the poor driver. Voght saw a gun resting in the back seat where Deeg was. He instantly noticed it as a Colt .45, a powerful piece of weaponry. He snatched the heavy gun up, and opened the door to the now racing hummer.

“What are you doing?!” Someone shouted from behind him.

“Saving Deeg.” Voght said, and he was just about ready to jump when he heard someone shout.

“No you aren’t, I am. Don’t waist your life like that!” Voght felt the gun yanked from his hand as he was pulled back, and then a figure jumped from the racing vehicle…

It was Aijdko07, Koko… the teen hit the ground rolling, and then stood up and ran off into the distance after the creature and Deeg. Meanwhile, the others tried to calm down Doddsy_Boi.


Aijdk ran through the forest, following the screams of the Deeg, and lifting the six shooter every time he heard a noise he didn’t make. He kept his pace fast though, he had to catch them before Deeg was dead he HAD to. The twigs broke beneath his feet as he continued on. When suddenly… Deeg stopped screaming.

That made Aijdk run faster, and eventually he came to a clearing. He saw Deeg, with a look of pure terror on his face, and a creature that looked like a man above him, ready to strike with what looked like a badly carved stake. Aijdk raised his weapon, and fired once. The kick almost sent the gun out of his hands. But his aim was true and the bullet smacked the creature in the back. It flinched slightly, and then turned to face Aijdk. It was Dk…

“What?! Dk! You’re alive?!” However, the mutated form of Dk16 rushed at Aijdk. He fired once more, the creature didn’t slow. He ducked just out of its reach as it rushed by, and then reeled around and fired again. His arm was getting sore from firing it so much, but he couldn’t give up. The body was bleeding now, but it wasn’t dead. It turned around again.

Aijdk squinted against the sudden light. Light? Why was there light? ‘Dk’ turned too, and suddenly Aijdk realized what it was, and dived for cover. The hummer came through the trees, somehow managing its way. It was at the edge of the clearing and then went full speed when it saw he needed help. It hit the creature and it went *splat* . It crunched under the heavy tires of the car, and then the hummer came to a stop.

The window rolled down, and Voght poked his head out.

“Come on guys, get in!” Deeg was already up and getting in, he looked fine. Shaken up, but fine. Aijdk ran over to the hummer, and jumped in. Seeing a tied up Doddsy_Boi in the back Aijdk figured that the poor man just snapped. Then he had to ask.

“You saw that, right?” They all nodded, and as Voght tried to navigate his way through the trees again he added one last comment.

“Dk wasn’t the first one we ran into either…”