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Haunted Mansion Stories/04/Ch10

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The group continued on like this in good spirits (seeming to forget bout there dead comrades) untill they came to a road. Jkace said "we should follow this road, its bound to lead somewhere."

Everyone agreed and the party followed the road untill they came to wreck on the side of the road, upon closer inspection it was an orange hummer with Space Coalition Ind. writtin on the side. Stranger still was the four giant claw marks the ripped into the side of the hummer, discharged shells were also scattered about the wreck.

All of a sudden a flair went up from the woods. The group took this as a sign of humanity in this forested wasteland and they began moving towards it.

when they finnaly found the source of the flair they also found this fortified half bunker half cabin. The group elected vivec to go knock on the door to see if anyone was home, vivec walked up and knocked up on the door, after a few minuts they heard several clicking sounds coming from the door. The door opened and a man stuck his head out, the man was dressed in orange combat fatigues and had several bandages on him.

"Iv been following you on the survalience cameras for the last few days, its amazing you'v made it this far."

Deeg spoke up saying "first things first who the hell are you and whats going on here!"

The man in combat fatigues answered with "names Zack, Zack Allen. im the game warden here, and weve all been put in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Garibaldi proped him self up on his walking stick squinting at his injury questioning the "warden", "You don’t look like a regular game warden, with the orange combat fatigues and the assualt rifle on your shoulder, and what do you mean wrong place at the wrong time?"

Zack went on to explain "Eight months ago my company Genron chenicals was bought out by an anonmys millionaire, he renamed Genron to Space Coalition Ind. before the buyout Genron was losing money everyday, his scheme to make a profit was to make a hunting preserve with speacil animals."

The group had a feeling that they knew where this was going, and they were all thinking the same question, what do you mean by speacil?

Zack continued saying "He ordered the pharmicutical divison to come up with a compund that would enhance the genetic make up of what ever came in contact with it, the idea was to expose local wildlife to it as to set up a rich mans hunting reserve. Wildlife was to become slightly more agressive, faster, and smarter. Hunters would pay a fortune to to take a shot at bagging some real big game. An added bonus was that the compound also had a slight affect on humans. Humans experiance a slight boost of energy and adrenaline, it also speeds up the metabolic process, that probably why your friend there is still alive (Zack points at reloaded). The bonus for humans was that the compund acts as a drug and the hunters cant help but come back and pay tens of thousands for a three day pass. But unfortunatly it seems that the compunds enhancement properites worked better then expected on the wildlife."

Garibaldi yelled after the lengthy explanation "better then expected! Weve lost good friends cuz of you!" Zack with a crazed smirk on his face reasured them with "oh it gets better, you see a pack of wolves tore down my radio transmitter, and if SC HQ does not get an hourly report every hour they fear the worst and a countdown is started"

Deeg asks "a countdown to what?"

"Oh thats where it really gets good, when the timer reaches zero SC planes will napalm the entire forest destroying all evidence and containing the spread of the compund. As of now we have eight hours till were toast."

Cheeza in a frantic voice yells, "well is ther any way out of here before were killed?"

Zack finally seemed to sobre up and say "the main gates have been locked, we cant get out that way, but there is a helipad up ontop the mountain in this pork, its about an hour and a half ride in the two hummers we got in the garage, we cant take those but there is only enough room in the chopper for 10 poeple.

On that sombre note the group they prepared to head out, Zack distributed M4 carbines to everyone and they piled into the hummers, Zack took the wheel of hummer one, and Doddys_boi took the wheel of the of the second one, while deeg manned the .50 cal on hummer one and lablancx manned number two, just as they were about to roll out a mutant flying squirle swooped in and took off lablancx's head and began making a new home out of the skell cavity.

Before anyone could say anything both hummers sped off onto the mountain trail.

T-7:45 untill they all die.