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Haunted Mansion Stories/02/Ch7

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Screaming started to erupt from a nearby door across the hall. Anialator and Deeg stepped out of the parlor, while grossman started to move back into the corner, gasping:

"THEY told me it would happen! They knew it!" Grossman was now rushing to the front door of the mansion.

"NO MORE!" he screamed as he opened the door and ran out. Deeg and Anialator tried to hold him back but grossman kept going. As grossman disappeared into the mist, they heard groaning and screaming, and they knew grossman was no more. The screaming continued as Deeg locked and shut the front door. Anialator rushed into the room, and Ross lay on the ground hurt while a tape recording of a scream played over and over. Anialator shut it off and helped Ross up.

"We... they... not dead. Everyone is alive, in basement. The key is what we need." Ross spoke rapidly now, "We... need the key! It gets us in the basement, and thats where they took everyone! And the killers aren't our only... problem," Ross spoke low now, "There are things, like spirits, and they are going to devour us! There's something someone said about a book, though," Ross finished.

"So. First things first; to the attic!" Anialator stated, and then, there was a banging on the door, a loud THUMP. And they checked the window to see who it was.

Citizen and grossman were banging on the door, as their ghastly dead faces were open and grotesque.

Only one word popped into their minds: Zombies!