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Haunted Mansion Stories/02/Ch6

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As the crowd slowly walked down the stairs, anialator held his gun steady. G4Lyfe's eyes were darting round rapidly, ready for any kind of ambush.

As they finally got to the hall, they looked through a door frame to see Adam lying dead on the floor with 1 arm.

"Crap!" Anialator shouted out, everyone jumping a little.

Everyone looked around, seeing who was there, and then they realised... Deeg and Vader had gone.

"Damn Damn Damn! it really was them!" and everyone was nodding in agreement. They stood there for another minute, before G4Lyfe started making commands.

"Everyone, get weapons, and stay together. Any isolated person is in danger."

Everyone did as they were told, and took anything that could be used to defend themselves.

Anialator turned to G4Lyfe and said calmly, "Give me my M16 back."

Giving Anialator a quizzical look, he simply said, "...No!"

After a loud argument, with both threatening the other with the M16s, G4Lyfe finally gave in and handed the M16 over.

As everyone gathered in the front room, anialator said calmly, "OK, well, I'm gonna go look for those murderers." Everyone simply gasped before anialator ran outside.

He was looking around the floor: footprints, blood, etc. He was not that good at tracking, but he could always have a go at it.

Finally finding 3 sets of footprints, all together, he started following them and didn't hesitate except to hold his breath when he climbed down into the sewer.

All that was left to follow was the mud from their shoes, which very quickly ran out. Anialator was stuck searching aimlessly through the sewers.

Deeg and Vader followed grossman, who was holding his revolver and being very careful.

Finally, a faint voice could be heard, "Deeg....Va..der..."

Grossman tensed up, aiming his shotgun where he thought the noise had come from, but it was pretty hard, as the sound echoed around the sewer.

Anialator was sure he had heard something, and he quickly sprinted towards the faint noises.

Then, something jumped infront of him; and, making no hesitation, anialator open fired onto the person, who fell back.

Anialator walked up to see two others standing open-mouthed. Anialator had walked into Deeg, Vader, and grossman, but which person had he shot?

He leaned in closer and looked at the face of the wheezing, dying piece of meat in front of him. It was...