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Haunted Mansion Stories/02/Ch4

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Tattyrags was pinned into the wall by a long pipe, which had pierced a main electrical line that passed through the house. Vader and Deeg looked in shock as tattyrags continued to be electrocuted. Then a shot was heard that smashed through the window into tattyrags head.

There was a small, slightly burnt note on the bullet. Vader picked it off and Deeg looked over his shoulder to see what was on the note; lots of it had been burnt off by the gun chamber firing.

"It was unexpected------stabbing tattyrags----powerline-----you won't have found his body-----but who is next, you better look in------------"

Deeg and Vader looked to one another, and just before they had left the room, a crowd of people had arrived. They looked from Deeg, to Vader, to Deeg again, before someone in the crowd shouted "Oh my god... Deeg and Vader did it..."

Vader quickly started stammering and mumbling at the same time, no one understanding him, while Deeg backed away slowly. Then there was a click. A gun barrel had been loaded. Vader silenced and Deeg froze. Another click. Another gun had been reloaded. This one the crowd heard, and the crowd backed away from G4Lyfe and anialator, who both held M16s.

Deeg just gaped at them, and Vader, with some fear in his voice, stammered "W-w-where did you get...those..."

G4Lyfe responded, "It doesnt matter. What matters is that you murdered tattyrags, along with Nitrous and Jake."

Anialator said to Deeg, "And your radio shows take way tpo long to make."

Deeg just looked at anialator and said in an annoyed voice, "How can you talk about radio shows at a time like this!?"

Vader interrupted anialator before he even started talking, "How do we know you're not the murderer with those M16s?"

Some of the members of the crowd stood up, although they seemed a little worried to be standing up to Vader, "They were with us the whole time. They had... never left the crowd..."

Deeg and Vader looked at anialator and G4Lyfe, knowing that all the rest defending them meant that they could not be the murderers, unless everyone there was involved.

Suddenly there was one loud, shrill scream from downstairs, then silence. Deeg's face had turned white.

"Who was left behind?" he asked slowly.