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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch6

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Once they had reentered the building, the outlines of the prints carried on for a short while but then disappeared. This wasn't very odd, as it was just the mud coming off, but at the start, all the details of the shoes' soles were outlined. Now it was just the odd fleck of dirt.

Dk16 had stepped past all the footprints, but with a plan ringing in his head, if he could get everyone together and try match the footprints, he would know who the killer was. It must be someone with pretty large feet, as these prints are extraordinarily large, he thought.

He talked with Garibaldi about his plan on the way back, and they both agreed to try to get it to work. Within the next half hour, everyone was lined up in the hall where Santa had been found dead. The fire was still burning, and a waft of rotten air kept floating past. Many were still reflecting on their missing friends, but some were tense with anger, hoping that this would prove their innocence.

Garibaldi had drawn a rough shape of the footprint, and he and dk16 were both extensively measuring and taking details of each person's shoe tread. Dk and Garibaldi had finished after about half an hour, and everyone was waiting tensely. Dk walked up to various people and whispered in their ears, while Garibaldi did the same. After everyone had been spoken to, 4 members of the group went and stood on the bottom step of a nearby staircase.

Seppuku, Seifer, Voght, and flaris, they were. Everyone suspected it was one of these four, and in assuming this they were right.

Then, suddenly, Deeg shouted out to dk16, "Hey dk, a word?"

"Sure," he replied.

"Dude, I feel sick. Where's the bathroom? You seem to be in charge. You should know."

"I think it's upstairs and to the left."

"Cheers, I'll be straight back."

The queries carried on. Many had to leave the room too, out of bereavement and sickness, and only a few remained, but out of tiredness these were dropping too. Suddenly, a loud shout came from upstairs. Garibaldi hurried up, leaving dk16 in charge.

It was deeg who was doing the shouting. Having been to the bathroom, he was trying to get out but was stuck inside. There were no locks on the door, but outside of it lay the dead, rotten body of Raiu, as if it had been there for days.

Something odd was happening, and now everyone was confused. It wasnt one of the four downstairs, or dk16, or garibaldi, but who was it? The body looked like it had been dead for ages, so someone downstairs could have done it and hidden the body, but then they must have had an accomplice to plant the body. That is, if it was one of them at all.

"Yo, if you havent noticed, I'm still in here," shouted Deeg again.

"Yes, we know," said Garibaldi.

"Well, what's stopping you?"

"Deeg, you're gonna be in there awhile. We got a dead Raiu outside this door, and I ain't touchin' him."