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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch4

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Voght saw that jkjace had killed Santa. A rage started to build inside the young man. He had believed in Santa during his diaper years. He believed in Santa even now, but now he was dead. However, now was not the time for such things.

Yes, the presents are mine! CLG thought. He had a cunning plan in mind. He would steal the suit! Then go back to the workshop and make millions of presents. And then… SELL THEM!

With that horrible thought in mind, the greedy CLG ran to the body of Santa and stripped his clothes from him, putting them on himself. They didn’t fit.

“OMG! You brought him down to his britches!” said a rather excited jkjace. Then there was a crash -- a sound of breaking glass. It came from Aijdkoo7’s room! Quickly, the group rushed up, but dk16 was dragging behind.

“CLG, what are you doing?” He was asking the new ‘Santa’, who was trying to climb the chimney. CLG had a gleam in his eye that no man knew. Okay… no poor man knew.

“Mine, mine mine mine!” His mind was gone. The truth about Santa had driven him mad. Dk16 shook his head. He would try to save his poor soul later. For now, he didn’t want anyone to falsely accuse him of murdering someone. Dk16 hurried up behind the group.

CLG was now arms-deep in the fire place, trying to get up to the sleigh. He heard the sound of feet approaching towards him.

The group burst into Aijdkoo7’s room only to find him missing. They had begun to wonder what had happened to him when jkjace shouted.

“Look, the window!”

It was shattered, and blood was caught on some glass shards on the floor. It looked as if someone had been thrown out it. Voght ran to it, and looking down from the high floor he saw nothing through the darkness and the cold rain.

“He’s dead… or worse.” was all that the man got out before screaming was heard.

It was as if the person was in a world of torment now known to mortal men. The group quickly ran down the stairs again, but alas, there was a fire lit in the fireplace.

“Hey, CLG tried to climb up that…” dk16 said as two charred stubs stuck out from the chimney.

There was an intake of breath before someone from the back said, “Well, looks as if he’s the Ghost of Christmas Toast…”

Then they realized.

Santa’s body was gone.