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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch3

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Jkjace and Dk16 were just staring blankly at the spot where Fiction had lain just 15 minutes ago. They knew that something was terribly wrong. Everyone in the room knew this but was afraid to say anything, because the killer could be among them.

Then someone spoke. It was Voght. He was trying to calm everyone down and come up with a plan to catch the killer. He finally came up with the idea that everyone should go down to the bathroom together to find the killer. But Aijdkoo7 didn't want to go! He was afraid that the killer would get everyone who went. Everyone decided that if he wanted to stay, he would do it alone.

Everyone left with the exception of Aijdkoo7, who stayed tucked snug in his bed on that Christmas eve night. Everyone walked down the hallway towards the bathroom. When they got there there was nothing -- no shoeprints, no body, and no killer! Now everyone was really afraid.

Then there was a loud thud on the roof. Everyone ran downstairs to go outside and take a look at what made the noise. But as soon as they got down the stairs, they heard a rustle. No one could figure out where it had come from. They searched for a few minutes, then decided to continue on their way outside.

Then they heard another noise, but this time it was louder, and everyone knew right where it was coming from -- the chimney! Who would have guessed that someone was hiding in the chimney!

Someone yelled "Get him!"

Everyone scattered in different directions to get something to use to protect themselves. Then soot-covered feet popped out from the bottom of the chimney. Jkjace took the candlestick from the counter and gave the figure in the chimney such a smack that he could bring down a mountain. Then a big man in a red suit with a white beard and rosy cheeks fell to the floor with a loud, bone-chilling thud.

He was dead!


Then it was quiet except for the bone-chilling screams coming from jkjace. Everyone was trying to calm him down, then they remembered Santa was lying on the floor. Dk16 was hopelessly giving the soot-covered man CPR.

Then he looked up and said, "He's definitely dead." Those were the words everyone was dreading.

Just as soon as everyone was calming down, there came a terrifying crash that everyone knew was the sound of the upstairs bedroom window shattering. What they didn't know is what they would find next...