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Haunted Mansion Stories/01/Ch2

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The group heard a horrible scream from the bus.

"Hmm... must have been an animal," said jkjace in a scared voice. They hurried off to the mansion.

They walked up the snowy steps and onto the porch. They yanked the door open. One man, named Fiction, led the way in. It was a huge mansion but had hardly anything in it. There were stairs in front of them.

"We should go up upstairs," said Fiction. Everyone followed him except for one man. The others asked where he was going.

"To the washroom," he replied in a low, creepy voice. He ran out of the way so he couldn't be seen and headed for the washroom. No one knew who it was.

The group all shared rooms; luckily there were beds for everyone. Jkjace, Fiction, and dk16 shared a room.

Fiction said, "I have to go to the washroom too." He made his way to the washroom.

The rest of the group eventually fell asleep.

Later on that night, jkjace and dk16 were awoken by a loud scream from the washroom.

"Something weird is going on here," said jkjace in a shaken voice as he stared at the empty spot on the bed where Fiction slept...